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  1. Recently quoted me 0.75% plus £300 upfront for marketing etc
  2. Would recommend Katie Patmore - Millhouses Dog Training Club. Both my dogs went there, and the older one still goes because he likes it so much - more like Activity Club than training, once they get the basics.
  3. Pops supermarket on Sheldon Road S7, just at the crossroads with Nether Edge Road. Looks fairly ordinary but stocks all manner of lovely things, including fresh curry leaves
  4. I first tried the Halti, but as others have said, found it rode up under my dog's eyes. Then we went on to the Gentle Leader, which was way more effective and more comfortable; although he was still able to pull a little but I was easily able to maintain control. He contrived to lose it while we were on holiday, though... Eventually, after seeing other dog walkers using harnesses and asking about them, I decided to give one a try and that cured him instantly! I had been concerned that a harness would enable him to pull with all the strength in his chest and shoulders and make matters worse, but for my dog at least, a padded body harness did the trick.
  5. Another recommendation for Foot Heaven on Eccy Road from me
  6. Shipstone Real Oak Floors on Sharrowvale Road (do other kind of wood, too)
  7. Unfortunately I'm on a short course starting on Wednesday nights till the end of the year! Ordinarily it would have meant I'd miss the December meeting, but it means I'm also unable to do the rescheduled November one. I'll keep an eye on the thread and see you again in the new year
  8. The buddhist centre at Hunters Bar does a nice Monday night class - no need to book, just turn up
  9. I have a window cleaner! I'm S7/S11. He's a water-fed pole sort of operation, rather than a ladder and bucket man! PM me if you want his details
  10. Depending on how much we have to say about the book, we generally break up around 9-9.30
  11. They have asked for donations of wood or dry garden prunings - take it to the park from 10 on Saturday
  12. I'm sorry that we all let you down last time, but I definitely plan to be there on November 7th. Look forward to discussing the Psychopath Test! @Jennie2102 please do come along, it's always good to see new faces
  13. Oh no! Hope you're better soon - a couple of people at work have it too! Really very sorry, because I'm also having to miss tonight. Pity, as I enjoyed the book. I am sure that my absence will not badly dent the team's chances in the quiz (note neither Grandiose sense of self-worth (Item 2) nor Lack of remorse or guilt (Item 6)...
  14. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1039823 No idea why the earlier link wasn't working - this one seems to work
  15. I think that's a great idea. We could even discuss the book in the bar at the Showroom!
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