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  1. I have also thought the prices were a little expensive also. Have you tried their sausage rolls? they take some effort to eat though!
  2. I think town centre would be an ideal location as there is nothing there like that and it's closer for me to get too than meadowhell
  3. They also need to include a tighter security like they do at Tank so search on entry will be necessary. Will be like the new Fabric when it opens in terms of security.
  4. If The Light opens then Odeon will either close or have to refurbish the place and up their game as the screens there are tiny!
  5. Hello, I'm from Sheffield and have been really inspired and wanting to go out and play some of the sorts such as tennis, badminton,hockey, basketball, volleyball, handball and judo. Wondering if there is anyone that is same and would like to perform any of the above sports together... looking to potentially take the sport seriously later on in the future to play competitive (if we get any good at it lol) Please direct message me if interested. Many thanks, Jordan.
  6. There is a Smoke BBQ in the city centre but not sure if this is related. If it is though, they do really nice food! Especially the chicken.
  7. Decided not to buy a wristband this year so any free events people post on here would be appreciated
  8. So, I have a new studio flat on the ground side that is facing the sun with a garden directly in front of the windows and I have noticed small red spiders (Clover Mites, Google tells me). I know they are harmless and do not bite/harm humans however they are a annoyance and I would like to get rid of them. Some things I have already tried is... - Hoovering up the eggs/spiders from the window sill - Placing sellotape around the edge of window (as they get through tiny cracks I have been told) - Placing talc powder on the window sill so that they get trapped and eventually die However, I am still noticing them so as a last ditch attempt I am wondering if anyone with some knowledge may be able to guide me on what to do next please?
  9. Quality, I'll sleep well after this night shift knowing that.
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