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  1. Christmas Show: Revelation Friday 23rd November until Sunday 13th January "Come and enjoy. Experience a 'revelation' this Christmas!" - Karen Sherwood, Managing Director. Many of us have experienced a revelation at some point in our lives, whether it be creative, personal... In this exhibition we hope to see how artists reveal and expose themselves through their work. A truly honest and passionate piece of art has the magical ability to inspire and move us. It is often unexpectedly we are affected by art in such a way, but we hope to stir something in you with our Revelation exhibition. Opening evening is on Friday 23rd November, 7.30pm onwards. Refreshments will be served, so come along for some wine, company and plenty of art! Work across all media, all works for sale. (Christmas presents, folks) Cupola Gallery, 178-178a Middlewood Road Sheffield S6 1TD Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6.30pm Sundays, Mondays & Bank Holidays - 11am-4pm tel/fax: 0114 285 2665 web: cupolagallery.com
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