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  1. i was born n bred on manor lived there right up to the ****ing council knocking our houses down the manor was the best place ever i will never forget it im 31 now i lived on queen mary road just down from standhouse school
  2. hi sarah im fine thankyou hun sorry didnt reply was at work all nite
  3. wow hi sarah how are you yes i did wot u up2 now ??
  4. anyone remember that young teacher she started just b4 i left i thought she was gorgeous lol
  5. lol i no i remember throwing my pe bag at her and it hit her in the face knocking her glasses off she proper lost it ha ha
  6. lol sarah mrs green thats her god she hated me mrs leach was bad 2 was you in my year im scott phillips
  7. what was that evil woman science teacher called anyone no where bronya james is ???
  8. hi i went 2 prince edwards all ur names ring a bell god u remember mrs hunt??? wot a **** lol
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