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  1. Hi Gerry after Dover we went to Barnard castle, from there were flew out to Aden in 58as part of 44 brigade, returning to Barnard castle in January 59, from there we went to Berlin, I left the army in 61, going to Strensall for demob, if you want a fuller history, a book entitled (strangely enough) The York and Lancaster Regiment, by Jane Davies can be got at most good book shops or local library. very interesting, with some good photos from 1900 to 1968. cheers Mate. Terry
  2. Hi we are all 70 - 74 now. we were in Aden in 58. what is your Dads name. is he still with us. cheers. Terry
  3. Hello mate, what company did you serve with, we are basicaly looking for C Company who served in Aden or Berlin 57-61, ie people we knew, although you would be welcome to come and join us at the Draft. cheers, Terry
  4. Trying to find old comrades, as the years are flying by to date have found 6. we meet up once a year usually at the Bankers Draft. we would like to widen the circle,
  5. Hi Jim got it I shall be there..Terry
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