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  1. Many thanks for your replies. Sadly, yes it is with Coppen 😟. I have been in touch with them just need to start the ball rolling as we are wanting to sell.
  2. Hi, I hope someone can advise me. We've just found out our house lease only has 60 years left. This would mean that when we bought the house, 10 years ago, there would only have been 70 years left. I thought that if it was under 80 years there would of been a problem getting a mortgage etc. We got a Halifax mortgage and was never told anything about the lease. Do we have a case to complain or if not can anyone recommend a solicitor to extend or buy the freehold. Many thanks
  3. Hi, We are wanting a side extension on a 3 bed semi. We know what we want, garage with bedroom and ensuite upstairs. Do we have to use an architect to get plans drawn up for planning permission or is there an alternative e.g use someone who does technical drawings? Thanks
  4. I am a landlord and I need a new front door for the house. I am struggling financially so I can't afford a custom made one that fits the measurements. Looking at 2nd hand ones the measurements are either too short or too wide by a couple of cm. Also it's a terrace so needs to be extra tall with a window on top to fit the doorway. Is there any chance I can fit a smaller door and use packers etc or do the measurements have to match exactly? Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi, there is one at Waterthorpe Infant school from 0-5yrs. Tues, wed and thurs 9-11am. Friendly group and messy activities on a wednesday. Ive been going for 7 years. Contact Diane or Lucie on 07403 476282 / 07447 483546 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/419280811432506/
  6. Hi. We are wanting to sell our buy to let property but we have a tenant. How would we go about selling it? Any advice welcome
  7. anyone know how do i get a taxi license and how much is it
  8. Wanting to set up a small business collecting pallets. Does anyone have any idea what the going rate is these days per pallet. Any info is welcome, cheers.
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