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  1. I've been attending Cis's classes for quite a while now and really enjoy them. It's great way to make new friends, get some exercise and learn something new. I look forward to meeting some people :-)
  2. http://www.instinctivehealth.co.uk/massage Can't recommend these guys high enough
  3. I live within 5 minutes and couldn't hear a thing (even the dogs with their super hearing weren't disturbed). If the income means that NHP can continue to maintain the space nicely, put on ranger events and the Fayre then I think its a good idea.
  4. That's what I understand, there's more here: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1292384 but I'm not an authority. I'd love a straight answer too.
  5. I believe (from this and the Optio Red thread) that officially either of the company's weekly passes will be honoured on all 120s. However its not so clear in practice and bus drivers have been turning down each other's passes. I agree - confusing!
  6. That seems to be the theme on this and the other bus fare thread. I am not sure if its not allowing them or drivers not being informed - either way its the passenger that has to try and guess whether their pass will be accepted I guess I'll just buy a pass from first (small F) bus that comes this morning.
  7. I'm glad someone else has asked this. I use the Optio Orange and so need to get a new pass tomorrow. I picked up a flier on a Stagecoach 123 today which said that "Sheffield bus only megariders will continue to be valid for travel for First services 42, 44, 52 and 120..." but when I asked the driver he said that the *only* ticket that would let me ride on both First and Stagecoach was the £17 Citywide. If my reading of the flier and this thread is right, I can get a £11.50 Megarider or £12 First Sheffield Weekly ticket. Neither of which I mind, as Duckegg its still good value.
  8. Thankfully it was after my tea but I'll never be able to take Dane Bower's Freaky seriousl... oh wait... OK, no big loss there.
  9. Has anyone else just seen Bobby Davro gyrating with Mo from Eastenders, lifting his shirt and covering his chest in cream.... It was weird enough before that but that's just wrong!
  10. and give Kristina a chance, she's not had much luck with partners
  11. Yup, the only reason to keep the annoying professional in! I'm with you though, should have been Linda
  12. Something tells me your luck has just run out!
  13. Don't have much experience with cats but when my pup ate my [insert about 50 different things] it was a tough call!
  14. Could could always get them mounted and/or framed and put them on the wall
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