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  1. I am now available every day due to finnishing college so if anyone can help. Iv pm'd you Cmiz just waiting for you to get back to me.
  2. My 2 are bothe over 5 and they love it. Weve just come back from haven in cornwall were somepne had taken there ferets and theres always dogs on the sites we have been to and we have been to 5 different ones now. There all different depending on what kind of site you want. But they were definatly pet friendly and my 2 were very happy. I think it depends on what you like
  3. Haven is very good. We always camp there, the only haven site we didnt like was lakelands in Cumbria, that was like a cattle field and the tents were so close I dont think we will be going camping there again. Mablethorpe 1 however was brilliant and very cheap out of the school holiday times and you get the passes included.
  4. I am a 16yr old student doing my diploma 1 in childcare, i'm looking to help out at playgroups or nursery to get experience. I am going to start my diploma 2 in september. I can help out on thursday and friday at any time. I'm a little shy and i'm needing this to build up my confidence has well has get experience. I am willing to help any way I can. Could you please let me know if any one knows of anywhere that will be interested please.
  5. After a few years of wait my husband is taking me to the summer solstice at Stonehenge, I'm not sure what happens with the over night stay, it opens at 7pm the night before but says no tents? There Will be US 2 and 2 children (9 & 10) has anyone been on this night before and let us know what to expect and is it a stay awake all night kind of thing?
  6. Hi, check the rspca website daily, I'm not sure if u do but some 1 has found a white and tabby cat but unsure of the sex. Good luck in finding him, my fingers are crossed for you
  7. I have many tattoos and had my 1st 1 when I was in my 30s, I also have my husband's name on me 3 times, but I wouldn't regret any of mine, I thought about every design I have, last yr I had a fairly large 1 on my upper back that cost £75 an hr, very good and very nice but also very painful, it's not stupid getting a tattoo it's stupid not thinking about the right 1 and how you would feel later on about that tattoo. A good tattoo is about £70-90 an hr I'd say.
  8. Also cat protection, you can post lost cats on there
  9. Thought I'd bump this up, still no sightings, everything has been done what can be done, posters are still up but not heard anything at all
  10. Im 1 of the very few that don't use/ have facebook
  11. Was it today? Can't seem to find the post
  12. Of course everyone can have an opinion but I do have other cats and know from saving my last one just what people can and will do with kittens they don't want. I'm not coming on to be judged but the kittens in rescue are safe till they get homes, some little darlings are not that lucky, you might see it has encouraging irresponsible pet owners but at the end of the day it's not the little kittens fault & they don't deserve the outcome that they might get if people like me don't take them to give them love and care. I know that's not the case with all private owner. So again can I state please I'd like one that's not in a rescue. Well done to people who get them from rescue and all the rescues and I'm not being sarcastic I'm being honest. I just feel I'd rather have one that's not in a rescue due to my personal choice and beliefs
  13. Have a little Tiffany to our family, thank u all
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