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  1. west highland white terrier pups ready saturday pedigree but not k.c 2 dogs no bitches £300 each ring kirsty on 07811 768333 Reason for Rehome / Sale puppies Time Scale – How Urgent? ready now Sale Amount £300 Has the Dog been in Rescue no Location sheffield Age & Sex 9 weeks Breed/ Mix west highland white KC Registered no Approximate size Exercise Needed Neutered & Micro chipped no Vaccinated & Wormed wormed to date Live in / out in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Temperament Good or Bad with Children Dislike of Men or Women OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals Travel OK in Car Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time Destructive Behaviour Barks Pull on the lead Crate trained Housetrained paper trained General Information you can share about the Dog.
  2. My Grandad's name was Joe Wing. I haven't seen Stan for a year or so, but I do see people who see Stan often.
  3. I know Stan Coles from Darnall allotments and racing dogs at Chesterfield and Highgate. To get back to the subject I have an old race card from Hyde Park with my Grandad on it as the owner of Joe's Jet.
  4. Yes. Any particular reason you want to know?
  5. Try Paulsquiz on the internet. That usually has some good questions. Just be careful though that the question is not out of date as in "who holds the record for whatever" as this sort of answer can change all the time. Good luck.
  6. Devonshire Arms, Herries Road. Don't know if that is convenient for you.
  7. When people played 2 balls' I remember them singing. PK penny a packet, First you chew it then you crack it, Then you stick it to your jacket, PK penny a packet.
  8. I won £30 on a scratch card once. I always buy 2 a week and last week I won £2 on 1 and £10 on the other.
  9. Not a gambling win as such, but I did win £2,000 on a St. Lukes lottery ticket a few years ago.
  10. I hope you manage to get the website up and running andlet us know about it.
  11. I would definately support you in this kind of action. I also think that we should be like our neighbours and protest, but as we are English we just sit back and do nothing.
  12. On seeing an ambulance. Touch my knees, Touch my nose, Hope I never go, In one of those. Touching the knees and nose.
  13. you've got to somehow get through to her that she deserves better than this. No offence but it seems like shes lacking in confidence. Shes got to realise she deserves better than this and if she can't just let hubby kill him before he smothers her.
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