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  1. It's on green lane in the ex Ash Tree, ex Indian buffet place.
  2. Anyone going tonight for the opening? Your reviews please as smelled quite nice as I drove past earlier :-)
  3. Still the same. Just popped for fags, no idea at BP.
  4. Thats traffic calming for you, what they have done to the road there is quite terrible. Wonder how many people had accidents since they changed it to before? Planner?
  5. Stabbing on Carver street - ironic? The above measures sound brill .... for a Stalin-esque state.
  6. (Personally I'd go to Mei's a little further down the road)
  7. Chan's Chinese TakeawayChan's Chinese Takeaway 1 review - Write a review 962 Abbeydale Rd Sheffield, S7 2QF 0114 236 6030‎
  8. If you step back from the media and look, as some have suggested, this is nothing new. Gun crime will be next weeks hot topic. The problem really is to do with 24/7 media creating panic / worry when breaking news is mandella taking a dump they have to go over and over the same topics in a cycle. Don't panic, sit back and live life, you wont get stabbed, shot, robbed, killed tomorrow altho you will get taxed to death, worry about that instead.
  9. http://www.holidayextras.co.uk/?buttons=new £44.37 we paid last year.
  10. 'Proper ones' Most veggies bend the rules but are a total pain in the arse self centred bunch who make sociallising with others a real chore. I dislike them.
  11. I'd guess most people keep quiet where they can get top quality produce at cheaper prices due to fear of the masses ruining it. Close friends and family only. I know for a fact I'm not going to post on here where you can get the best steak for many miles for half price. Sorry.
  12. Is that because the kids are so used to acting innocent?
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