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  1. Hi Dan Thanks for the thoughts. Yes its a 1970s house and part of the repair was to replace some of the old Bitumen felt that had rotted due to a leak with new breathable membrane. So that should be over and either side of the remaining flue. From what I can see where they've replaced a tile over the cowl hole there seems to be a thick band of silicone along the bottom edge of that tile (?) Been in the loft and and it does sometimes smell similar - but not as stong . Just wanted to understand if, because the flue is covered at the bottom and theres now no 'air flow' through the flue, whether the lack of air flow directly where the sealant will be ,meant that the sealant (that maybe shouldnt be there) hadnt 'gone off' properly. And the open flue was somehow conducting/trapping the smell. I'll get the roofers back anyway!
  2. Hi , I have redundant gas fire flue (house bulit in 1970s)- Vertical flue in the cavity with cowl out through roof. Fire was removed about 25 years ago, gas capped off and hole at the back of the fire covered up. Only ever used an electric fire since. Never any problems in that time. About 6 weeks ago I had a roof repair carried out, around the flue area. As the flue cowl though the roof was 40 years and the flue no longer in use/needed the roofers suggested removing the cowl . Which I agreed to. They installed new roof membrane and replaced a tile where the flue had been. I think they also used some sort of sealant/glue Over the weeks I've noticed a smell starting to develop in the lounge -Not always there at the start- difficult to describe. However over the last week the smell is there most of the time (time and strength of smell seems to depends on temperature eg when its been a bit warmer with sun directly on the roof it isnt there/as strong) and seems to be sometimes like a glue smell/sometimes like a tar smell. Always in the lounge and seemingly from around the fireplace . Cant get the smell at the fireplace itself, but almost as if its seeping through the wall/fireplace area Before I get the roofers back, I just wondered if what I think could be happening is! If the roofers did use some sort of sealant - this would be right over what now remains of the flue, going down into the lounge. Is it possible that fumes from the sealant are going down the flue in the cavity and seeping into the room somehow (given that the bottom of the flue space is covered up). Or could it have another cause and I should have done something else when having the flue cowl removed? Thanks!
  3. Thanks everybody for the replies. We're going to try the Chemical Bolts first and see how that holds up . Appreciate the suggestions!
  4. I have a run of fencing with concrete posts/gravel boards going down one side of the garden. My garden is higher up than the neighbour on the other side of the fence. So when it gets to the end of the fence run the ground drops away too far down to be able to fix the final post into the ground. So the original fitter attached the last post to the retaining wall - unfortunately made of breeze block. After not too long the post came away from the wall, as the fitter had only used one fixing, which turns out wasnt the right fixing or long enough. He wouldnt come back to fix it. Had someone else come along who replaced the post with a longer one and attached with 3 bolts. Looked very sturdy but after 2 days (after a bit of wind) the post has come away again as the bolts havent held. They are coming back to try using even longer bolts. But because its a breeze block I'm thinking a better solution would be to use both the bolts and a chemical fixing - as in, Epoxy/Injection resin into the bolt holes to hold the bolts . Does anybody think this would be the correct solution? Thanks
  5. Hi Dorothy Thorp married Philip T Thackeray in 1978. Their son Philip T Thackeray was born in 1979. According to the Electoral Register a Philip T Thackeray (senior?) was living in Fenton Way Rotherham from 2002 -2019, so could still be there. There was a Philip T Thackeray (son ?) also living in Rotherham but doesnt seem to be on the Electoral Register after 2005
  6. Hi Looking at the electoral register theres a Harry Hill, living with Violet Hill from 2002-2019 in S20?
  7. We've had a tree down blocking road in S8!!
  8. My aunt and uncle Charlie and Flo Bradley ran Wordsworth Tavern in the 70s!
  9. I've inherited a property, which I'm keeping. I've submmitted all the necessary forms to the Land Registry to change the register and they have just confirmed that this is now complete. The property is Leasehold and my understanding is that I now have to serve notice of the change in ownership to the Freeholder via a 'Notice of Assignment'. Can anyone advise me whether there is a pro forma or standard wording/required information I have to use - or is it just sufficient to simply write advising of the change (along with the required payment as specified in the Lease) and get them to acknowledge the change?? Thanks.
  10. I live in S8 and make this journey a few times a year at night. Always go the Southern route : Straight over Froggatt and then the A623 through Stoney Middleton, Sparrowpit. Then A6 Chapel en le Frith. takes about 1hr 30 at the most and is never busy at night. Quite a nice route. Have tried the Pot Shrigley route and it is much quicker but not the best route in the dark, especially if you've never taken that route before!!
  11. I had exactly the same problem. My old hob was a 550mm aperture and all the hobs I looked at were 560mm. I bought a new hob, prepared to have the aperture enlarged, but when the fitter came the new hob went in - no problem. So you may find the same situation. If your hob is directly above your oven its quite easy to slide the oven out and measure the hob aperture from underneath. However I do know that Appliance World at Heeley will recommend fitters who will enlarge the aperture if necessary, as my neighbour bought from them and had the same issue. The fitter made the necessary adjustments.
  12. It was part of the programme of todays Summer Fayre at St Thomas of Canterbury School in Meadowhead. Amazing sight!!!
  13. Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for someone reputable to do a Tarmac drive?? It's to replace an exisiting tarmac drive, so full groundwork needed - not just a new layer on top of existing! Thanks.
  14. I've been using Regal Fish for a couple of years. https://www.regalfish.co.uk/ They come to Sheffield every 2 months. Great selection with reasonable prices. They email you when they're coming to Sheffield, then ring you the week before they're due to take your order. You can choose a delivery slot, and pay by card or cash to the driver. Everybody I've dealt with has been really friendly and the quality of the fish is great!
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