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  1. Rehome or Sale?: Rehome (donation required to ensure they don't end up on someones dinner plate Reason for Rehome / Sale: lack of space for the girls to be comfortable Sale Amount: £3 each or £10 for all 4 Location: S5 Longley Type of bird to Rehome / Sell: Chickens With or Without Cage?: Without Is the bird hand tame: Reasonably Age & Sex: Female approx. 3 years old Colour: Red Live in / out: Live out Any Current or Historical Health Issues: None known Temperament: good Any special knowledge needed: knowledge of raising freerange chickens General Information you can share: Have 4 hens to rehome - need to go somewhere with a fair amount of land as they have been used to freerangeing I will only let them go to someone who has a reasonable amount of space for them and somewhere safe to keep them from foxes/predators/cats/birds of prey etc. they need something to perch on and a coop/house big enough to keep them - each chicken needs around a meter squared of space each and a run/enclosed area to keep them safe as they knock about during the day out of their coop/house
  2. Thank you all for your replies....can I ask where they are going instead?
  3. My child has been offered a place at this school but ofsted reports are only one side of the coin. Previously had personal experience with 2 other ofsted schools rated excellent which turned out to have massive problems with safety of pupils and issues of children not being allowed to achieve their potential. I would like to know what the school, teaching provision and behaviour of pupils are really like and not just hearsay or immaculately orchestrated open days and glowing shiney prospectuses Thanks in advance
  4. Have never played football before, lacking in fitness and probably entirely lacking coordination but up for giving it a go if you're looking for players
  5. count me in if you're still looking for players, rusty on the rules, haven't played for <gulp> nearly 20 years!
  6. They told me it would clear itself in 2-3 hours, that was over 5 hours ago, went to wash my face just now and it's still not clear.....
  7. Hi guys just ran the cold tap and the water is a light brown/ochre/sepia type colour, not cloudy but clear - anyone else having this problem? Thanks in advance
  8. Agree with what others have said before me, the caravan was very underwhelming, having seen the videos online of previous years it appears the parade element was very much scaled back and giveaways were few and far between. The dancers charged with entertaining whilst being driven by were lacklustre and some were just sitting in their vans not bothering at all. The caravan was very much behind schedule according to the events volunteers I was stood near - quite dissapointed in that aspect of things. Plus points were how well behaved everyone was along Herries Road area of the route, a real friendly family atmosphere, nobody got in the way and everyone did as told and it had a wonderful community vibe, from that point of view I would welcome such an event in the future. Also glad the weather held out, it was a beautiful day and I'm by no means a tour de france fan but the event itself won me over on the day. Well done Sheffielders, you did the city and yourselves proud x
  9. Will the caravan go from oughtibridge straight to jenkin hill or will they be promoting to everyone along the route?
  10. I think when I sell next I wont use an agent, my recent experience of a sheffield based estate agent has left a lot to be desired.
  11. Best of luck to the OP on this one, it needs addressing as you're perfectly valid in expressing your right to free speech. Why shouldn't we all know about bad practice, it's reviews online that make businesses and organisations buck their ideas up. I find the fact you've been deregistered to be disgusting quite frankly and if I was a patient at the same surgery as I would send a letter stating thus.
  12. Just got a menu from this place through the door, anyone tried it recently? Prices seem quite good...
  13. Can we separate the giveaway(free) items into a section of their own as frequently the Swaps are actually just people who have used up their allowance in the selling section and don't actually want to swap at all. This would allow for clarity at least with the items which are free. Then the swaps could be amalgamated into the selling section. It would make more sense that swaps be in sales as it is essentially the same thing when a person says "£50 for my Xbox 360 or swap with WHY (what have you) - that to me is a sales transaction especially when the person hasn't the intention to swap and also the mods could that keep an eye better on selling allowances. Make the mods lives easier?
  14. Just wondered, does anyone know the answer to this question? If a minor in a case such as this (in the eyes of the law at least) turns 18 during the course of the investigation and perhaps trial, can the name then be released? Or does it only matter what age they were at the point of the crime? Just something which crossed my mind *just to add I mean can the name be released by the police/newspapers and NOT by SF members - before I incur the wrath of mods *
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