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  1. Hi Mr Benn, bit of a late reply I've not seen Zena for about 15 years.
  2. Sorry if a thread has already been started about this but I did do a search. here is a link to the new plans http://web196.pavilion.net/eflyer/2010/Sheffield/GatecrasherSheffieldPressRelease.pdf
  3. I moved away from Frecheville bout 10 year ago and this used to be my local, has this pub realy got that bad??? used to be great when Wes ran it.
  4. I moved away from Sheffield 8 year ago and when I speak to my family n friends they tell me how much it has gone down hill, and these are people who used to love the place. when I go back to visit I can see what they mean, I cant believe how bad the roads are. apart from family n friends I do miss the Peak District and the Sheffield sense of humour which you don't get down south, so not all bad. Sheffield is the 5th largest city in England so I suppose you will get good and bad areas. If I had to move back to a city then it would have to be Sheffield, probably Crystal Peaks area.
  5. We have it down here at the Royal Cornwall hospital, looks like its all over the country, I cought this bug once while sea fishing down my local beach and its not nice having it come out of both ends.
  6. I miss Oatcakes, they dont do them down here in Cornwall, but they do pasties :-)
  7. If the fault is down to them then cancel your contract in writing, they will threaten you with a cancellation fee so make sure you mention trading standards and ofcom and they will run a mile, I did and loads of others have done, they will be use to it by now. I'm now back with BT and not had a single problem but then it does cost more.
  8. I moved from Sheffield 8 year ago to start a new life in Cornwall but miss the mountain biking in the peak district and family n friends but don't miss the city much, mind you I hear a lot has changed in Sheffield since I've been away.
  9. I moved away from Sheffield 8 year ago and can remember Scot, think he used to live down from Birley Moor Rd and he is not an alcoholic he just loved buses and was only abusive to people that gave him s**t, nice to know he is still around.
  10. CCTV on buses??? things have changed since I last got on a buss, is crime that bad on buses???
  11. I live in Cornwall and see loads of old buses down here mostly on the back of AA low loaders.
  12. do it your self its much cheaper and great fun, check these guys out for every thing you need http://www.justkampers.com/ they do every thing for 1950s VW T2s - 2003 T5s, I did my T4 myself and saved loads, insulation carpets (curtains thanks mum) and twin burner unit.
  13. Lets hope no Polish are reading this thread
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