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  1. Yes. It comes even lower down on the government indices of deprivation than those areas, not by much, but by a noticeable amount. Also Burngreave was considered to have the 'community infrastructure' required to make New Deal a success - ie a significant number of community organisations who would help to make sure (supposedly) that it was 'bottom up' not top down regeneration. Of course, vast amounts were wasted - Sorby House and especially Forum House most notably - but vast amounts went on highly useful things too, the extra support for advice services brought in millions directly to people who needed it, support for education services and extra young peoples' services (which, sure, should be a statutory provision anyway) did a load of good. Various community groups were supported enough for them to now be able to bid competeitively for service tenders. Those are all good things that wouldn't have happened without New Deal. As for the 'Bling Bus' - thats a rather pathetic whine from the useless, 'we'll slag Burngreave off given any opportunity' Star, it wasn't even that expensive and has been quite popular with residents when it's been used.
  2. street level beside the Odeon??? Isn't that a car park..... aah well, I'm sure I'll find it!
  3. it was about an hour and twenty mins at mancs, or just over, so mark better be on time! (and no, i spilt someone's cider, completely different thing )
  4. someone just told me that hey are due on stage at eight, that cant be right can it? Hope not cos I've arranged to meet some peeps to hand tickets over then...only down the road, but still.... Should be a corker, if they are half as good as at Mancs on valentines
  5. Not really, she is perfectly entitled to wave her anonymity, there is nothing in what she has said that would be prejudicial to any case, so there is nothing wrong with what she has done. Victims of other crimes are allowed to say what ahppened to them (prior to anyne being charged anyway, - and from the reports, no one has been charged yet)
  6. I am so sadly and pathetically excited about this! The two greatest British film-makers ever (yes, I know one was Hungarian) with pretty much all of their movies! If only they had put Peeping Tom on as well - oh well, you can't have everything, and there are three I've never seen before! 49TH PARALLEL (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1941 Dir. Michael Powell 2hrs 3mins Wednesday 16 November only A CANTERBURY TALE (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1944 Dir. Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger 2hrs 5mins Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 November A MATTER OF LIFE & DEATH (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1946 Dir. Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger Wednesday 23 November only BLACK NARCISSUS (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1947 Dir. Michael Powell 1hr 40mins Fri 4 - Thurs 10 November THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1937 Dir. Michael Powell 1hr 15mins Monday 14 November only GONE TO EARTH (PG) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1950 Dir. Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger 1hr 51mins Tuesday 29 November only I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1945 Dir. Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger 1hr 31mins Thursday 1 December only THE LIFE & DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1942 Dir. Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger 2hrs 4mins Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 November only ONE OF OUR AIRCRAFT IS MISSING (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1942 Dir. Michael Powell 1hr 46mins Thursday 10 November only (NOTE: the printed guide says this will be introduced by Bal Kumar before the screening - on November 11th - I don't know which bit is wrong at the moment!) RED SHOES (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1948 Dir. Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger 2hrs 15mins Monday 28 November only THE SPY IN BLACK PLUS SMITH (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1939 Dir. Michael Powell 1hr 22mins Tuesday 15 November only An Airmans Letter to his Mother (U) Powell & Pressburger Season UK 1941 Dir. Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger 6mins & Insights into Powell and Pressburger with Bal Kumar Thursday 17th November 7-9pm It's gonna be great!
  7. Taxi drivers having a protest, about the state of the station i think.
  8. and a very large number of trades unionists and green protesters too. not to mention trots.
  9. aaah, I probably saw you there then then actually! They were just practising I think. Yesterday (or day before now rather) they were generally more sensible - until they decided to arrest thatlad for no reason at all. Coincidentally that was just as one of the lead cops had given us permissoin to walk down Arundel Gate as long as it was walking and calmly. You'd think it was planned or something.
  10. that was one of the most stupid evenings out I've had in a long time. Those coppers must have been mind-numbingly bored and in need fo something to do. No other reason for pushing people off the streets and trapping them down side streets. The number of horses and riot cops was unbelievable! Wonder how much money they wasted on that load of old nonsense?
  11. there is actually, but it's only a minimum of (something like) seven days. however that is merely a minimum and a guideline, your contract can state almost anything. so to refuse to work the notice agreed in the contract is a breach of that contract, and the company CAN sue the worker if they break it. More likely they will simply give a god awful reference anbd badmouth you around the place - which can be serious if you are at all senior (as I guess you would be with a 3 month notice period) and in an industry where a good rep is important. As to holiday - you won't be at this company in August, so it doesn't matter if you need to take it tjhen, as you will start a new holiday wentitlement period when you start with your new company.
  12. the circle has a great view, even if you're right at the back. which is because the apollo is a properly built theatre thast looks and sounds great wherever you are in the place. if only sheffield had as good a venue!
  13. pah! and tish and tosh! youse was outplayed by the beter team. only went ahead cos of a dodgy penalty call, and if the sending off wasn't fair, how come you lot aint appealed? probably still see you in Cardiff. unless you bottle it of course.
  14. couple of times. when the whether was good, it was great, when it was dodgy, it was less great! like any festival, some of the tents get overcrowded for some acts, and it's a bit of a pain trying to get to where you want to be in time, but no worse than (say) Leeds festival, and mucheasier than Glasto. I'd go again, if I had the time and money tho, deffo.
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