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  1. i wouldnt have thought their plans include a higher wall to hold them, wards can be sercured without huge walls being built.
  2. i am really struggling today, my dad was the nicest person and he never said anything wrong about anyone, he suffered terribley in the end i really wanted him to stay but i begged his suffering would end. i miss you so much, you were much more than my dad you were my best friend. love Helen xxxxx
  3. lol think alot of us can relate to this, my dad bless him used to do the same when i asked him what do i do when i need to contact you, he just grumbled its a waste of electicity lol
  4. i think we too have a young lady, i didnt know when i moved in but i too felt something and i too knew she was female and young. sometime later we found out she had killed herself bless her. a man had broke her heart. our dog must feel her too as he gets so scared at night when we are in bed not everynight but he paces up and down, he starts shaking and panting. im happy for her to be here after all its her home too. i talk to her when i feel she is here and i have never felt scared.
  5. I think Duncan you are totally missing the point. The op just wanted to give some back ground then get a general consenous. I dont feel the op wanted to know if they should or should not give their name. The point is about the children, ok, i would report your concerns to social services, however, i would make it clear that i had no solid proof and that it was all based on what you beleive to be happening. I work with vunerable people and someone needs to speak up. What really annoys me is people that say "oh well it's nowt to do with us" after all children have sadly died in other instances. Go on you follow your heart, don't wait until something really tragic happens, then sit there and say "if only" Finally you got alot of good folk on here who agree with your feelings.
  6. A bit of a rant from me, people who will not go to work, claim benefit then sit in the park getting bladdered on that cider that comes in blue plastic bottles. 1) why should i work, when they don't have to. 2) why do alcaholics and drug users get sickness benefit. 3) my dog collects the bottles and carries them back to my house
  7. is this post here for a joke? i mean should this person even have a dog? think ill leave it at that.
  8. oh relost hun, i really feel for you. it seems what your goin through is heartbreaking. you just have to take one day at a time sweetheart you will have bad days then better days. probably a good thing try not to txt him, it will give you both time to see how you feel. The thing is if he wants you back at some point he may hurt you again, how many times will you let him do this. i know it is easy for me to say all this i'm going through much the same with someone close to me and she says the same as you have about food and not wanting to go out. Drink usually makes you feel worse. try to do the things you like doing pamper yourself a bit. keep your chin up chick we are all here for you. Helen xx
  9. We have just spent a weekend away in Scarborough, the weather was fab we both just needed a quick break to relax. Anyway walking along the sea front on our way back to the hotel i was shot with a BB gun in the head from a passing car. it was so painful and stung quite bad it brought me to tears. Why do people buy these things? why are they allowed? i would have thought they would be among the offensive wepon list. i must say it was agood job it was my head and not my face i dread to think what could have happened.
  10. shanes called mystic ink i remember the name lol so tell him helen and jason told ya
  11. my oh has just had yet another fantastic tattoo from Shane at mystic ink in woodhouse. Brill bloke fab work.
  12. its pob satelite direct nothing to do with sky. we used them they took our new box away and replaced it with a very old and dented box. we threatened to cancel sky as we pay the full package, sky wasnt bothered and di not replace it. only now we have replaced it by getting HD we were told by the engineer not to insure it just call sky they charge 60 pounds for any call out which is cheaper than satelite direct.
  13. having two abscess in two months packed and unpacked was evil. worse still having head stapled back together after dropping the dyson hoover on it was barbarick
  14. Chief god help you if you need a tosser or an idiot i.e doctor or solicitor. Get a life for goodness sake. Were you never young annoying, silly? i suppose they could be out taking cars, breaking in to our homes, selling drugs to the younger generation. At least this wouldnt disturb your night out.
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