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  1. Not difficult to confuse you is it! I was giving you the general feeling amongst Blades that we wont win the play offs as for me i think we have a chance COMPREHEND!
  2. What! I gave you the general feeling due to our recent form in this competion, I think we have a chance, frankie can you do me a favour and move to Timperley any way
  3. Seen as you dont live in sheffield ill give you the general feeling amongst the red and white half of the city *WE WONT WIN THE PLAY OFFS*
  4. Looking through this thread I dont see ONE blade who is convinced We will sail past them, on the contary most blades seem to think we have blown it. Football Fans so many deluded, Does that include you?
  5. Thats what worries me if its huddersfield (if we beat stevenage) because a certain striker as been as been rested for a while,
  6. I totally agree the season is a marathan not a sprint, and you finished second so deserve to go up, what i was trying to get across was the ignorance of some wednesday fans * Its only little Stevenage so should romp it*
  7. Thank you, I had the misfortune too bump into a old wednesday friend sunday. who said to me if you cant beat Stevenage you dont deserve to go up, when i told him is team shouldnt have been promoted then He didnt have a clue what i was on about. If i give you is details can you pass this on to him, They beat His team 5-1 and 2-0 Thank you
  8. Ok, but for your information the game was not a 0-0 draw, it was 1-1 Carl Shut put bristol 1 up!
  9. Glad you enjoyed your first game at the lane, but can you tell me who scored bristol citys goal at the lane in the 0-0 DRAW (you was there) clue it was a x wednesday player!
  10. Was it jimmy mick , oh by the way still reckon earnie potts was your best player ever
  11. Thats correct its MAY when the tally points really count
  12. ten years (thats a decade) Now we are talking AGES
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