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  1. It's not the opertations comlex, thats on europa link. The helicopter, which is based at the next round-a-bout up, address is actually 999 Letsby Avenue!!
  2. Utter discusting!!!! Hope Zoe didn't see any of it up there. Some people have ne respect!!!!!!!!
  3. She is 14, 15 16 and now 17 all in the space of a few weeks!!!
  4. Think its spelt right, but its got an au at the biggining. It means "in the light of the moon" I think its the first tune everyone plays when learning an instrument. (musical)
  5. trombone, you couldnt do the full monty 2 a violin.. fish or chips?
  6. I cant see it, shame as all the street lights are off here 2
  7. Rich if you like your games go on board.com and search for zombie wars, its rubbish made but very addictive. I even got on the scorboard!!!
  8. It depends. When i went to watch strictly on ice and disney on ice i could only get tickets at the very top. Disney i mean back row, but they were brilliant you could see everything. Only thing was that if you were with kids they couldnt join in the bit were they go on stage at the end. For steelers best block is like 105 or 116. Hope that helps!
  9. theres the one next to kebabish. looks a bit grotty but its brilliant, go for the fish kebab!!!
  10. Somebody called at our house yesterday wantin to know if we wanted tarmac, little irish fellow, i asked him who he was and he just said its simon, like i knew him. Dunno if it was same person driving some kind of silver people carrier? possibly a kia.
  11. I think you will find that its the safety camera partnershp thevan belongs to, not south yorkshire police
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