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  1. :hihi:Does anyone know were we can join in at 5 a side football and is anyone interested in playing in the evenings?
  2. can anybody tell me who buys classic model cars which are all boxed, as this is on behalf of my mother in law as my father in law past away and thinks its a good time to get rid, thanks
  3. 4_can

    New wife wanted

    its now saturday night and she is still nagging, HELP! saturday swap shop sounds good though, we'll be like swingers lol
  4. 4_can

    New wife wanted

    if i got one that dont speak english that would be sound
  5. 4_can

    New wife wanted

    already got 2 kids dont want anymore just want a new wife that dont moan constantley, but thanks for the offer
  6. 4_can

    New wife wanted

    she would scare the rats away from the recycle dump
  7. 4_can

    New wife wanted

    new wife wanted in exchange for old one as it has started to nag alot:help:
  8. HA HA HA HA Neil warnock now that would be funny
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