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  1. You need to be patient! He could be on holiday etc etc so you may have to wait 3 - 4 weeks for a reply. So sit back & wait!!!
  2. Left in 1976 when my job moved to Teesside. I now live in Guisborough with the North Yorks Moors National Park boundary 200 yards away & the North Sea 4 miles away. The quality of life is great - few traffic queues etc. So I don't miss Sheffield although I do miss the people - friends & family. I also miss the Peak District for walking as that's where I spent so many happy years walking & camping. Certainly don't wish I still lived at Page Hall!
  3. I know someone who was in the same position. She rung the person she thought was (in her case) her mum & that worked ok. Don't turn up on the doorstep!
  4. Hi, I had a look at that & the church on there is actually what is called Wicker Congregational church which occupied the patch of land now called Ellesmere Green. It was built 1885 & demolished in the 1960's. The Wesleyan Reform chapel was built around 1915 & ceased to be used as a church a short distance from Gower St junction with Carlisle st/ Sutherland rd on the north side of the road. I have now looked on Google Street view & there is a building occupied by Low Kost Taxis around the position where the chapel was & the taller brick building behind it looks remarkably like the front of a chapel!! Can anyone have a look for me please as I don't live in Sheffield? John
  5. Thanks but sadly no photo of the WR chapel on there
  6. I don't think this is them as according to the marriage register Joan did not have a second christian name. By the way, I was surprised to find that Gross is a fairly common name in England. For example in 1950 (the year Paul Gross was born) there were 23 Gross births!
  7. There is no death record for Paul J Gross or Joan Gross so it's fairly certain they are still alive or not in this country. So they are your best bet for getting information. On the electoral rolls from 2002 -2013 I can find 19 Paul Gross's but no Paul J Gross. None of the Paul Gross's seem to have a Joan living with them. There are 3 Joan Gross's living respectively in London, Llandrindod Wells, & Kingsbridge Devon but none have a Paul with them. There are a number of Marjorie Gross's; one is possible as she lives with a Paul Gross at Newark Notts. You can search yourself at http://www.genesreunited.co.uk/articles/world-records/full-list-of-united-kingdom-records/census-land-and-surveys/electoral-rolls?gclid=CMzZ4efxn7oCFfMctAodXA4AIg John
  8. Hi Tracey, The marriage was in Dec quarter of 1949 in Sheffield ; his name was Johann, she was Marjorie A Chapman. The marriage certificate reference is Dec qtr 1949 Sheffield, 2d 421 . I think she was born in Sheffield in 1926 ref Sep qtr 1926 Sheffield 9c 852. I cannot find a birth for Johann. Paul J. Gross was born Dec qtr 1950 in Cirencester Registration District ref 7b 507. He married Joan Bradley Dec qtr 1972 in Sheffield ref 2d 136. I don't think they had children. There is no record of a death for either Marjorie or Johann , neither can I find a remarriage for Marjorie. This may suggest they moved abroad at some stage. Who was John Gross ? Any more details of him? I can't fidn a John Gross born in Sheffield. Best of luck, John
  9. Hi Hillsbro, Could you please look in Directories 1925, 1937 & 1942 to see if Gower St Wesleyan Reform Chapel is mentioned? Many thanks, John
  10. Re Gower St chapel, I have looked on Google Street view & there is a building occupied by Low Cost Taxis around the position where the chapel was & the taller brick building behind it looks remarkably like the front of a chapel!!
  11. Apologies if this has been raised before but some of us from Grimesthorpe are interested in finding a photo of Gower St Wesleyan Reform chapel. Apparently it was first used for marriages in 1918 (so its assumed it was built shortly before that) & ceased to be used as a place of worship in August 1944. An old map I have seems to show it at the eastern end of Gower St (ie farthest away from Burngreave Rd) but a slightly more up to date OS map from the 1950's seems to show it as a laboratory. Geographia map showingchapel OS map showing it as laboroatory Can any of you Pitsmoor people shed any light on this and ideally come up with a photo of it?
  12. Hi Solujon, Sorry to "put a spanner in the works" but Wicker Congregational church & Gower St Wesleyan Reform chapel it seems are different buildings. Wicker Congregational church was on the junction of Burngreave Rd & Ellesmere Rd but it was only its rear schoolroom that was on Gower St. It was built in 1854. According to the London Gazette, Gower St Wesleyan Reform chapel was solemnised for marriages on 4 Feb 1918 & ceased to be used for public worship on 8 Aug 1944. A map I have dated about 1950 shows both the Congregational chapel & what I think must be the old Wesleyan Reform chapel on the northern side at the far end of Gower St. An OS map produced in the 1950's is clearly more up to date & appears to show what was the Wesleyan Reform Chapel as a laboratory. So it appears there is no photo of the Gower St Wesleyan Reform chapel available but it may be that building is still there if someone who lives in Sheffield can go & look & photo it.
  13. Here is photo of Gower St Methodist Chapel courtesy of solujon who hasn't worked out how to post it. Sorry its quite a small file.
  14. Hope they all got bullied themselves & saw the light!!!
  15. Hi solujon, You need to put it into a package like Photobucket, Copy its IMG & then paste onto your entry on here like this:
  16. I have looked but can't find one on Picture Sheffield or elsewhere.
  17. It was a Wesleyan Reform Chapel which in 1881 seated 274 . On the day of the Sheffield Independant's Religious census taken on 20 Nov 1881 it had an attendance of 104 in the morning & 240 in the evening!
  18. Mt gt grandad John King was killed on 12 March 1864 in the Great Sheffield Flood whilst working a night shift at a mill just below the Dale Dyke Dam . Read all about it here http://www.mick-armitage.staff.shef.ac.uk/sheffield/flood.html
  19. Hi Tony, I think Harry Jarvis is tall staff sergeant in back row directly behind bass drum. Its a poor photo though. I have written to Star to try to get name of person who posted it & to get a better image.
  20. Hi Brian1941 & fleetwood, This photo is a real poser! I think it might be Geoff Cottam on left of front row . I am not sure about Ian Reynolds - he may be to the right behind the bass drum. You are right re Graham Wells. Not certain but it may be Leonard Foster 3rd from left on front. I don't recognise officer top left (although he looks slightly familier) & the man 4th from left on back as well as a number of the boys, so I think it might have been some joint occasion say camp or 4th District band (shame there is no background to show where it was taken). If I am right about Ian Reynolds I think the photo must be 1955 just before I left Life Boys as I am not on it. Its a shame Ian & Les are not still with us to tell us what it is. Any chance of contacting The Star to make contact with person who sent it to them as hopefully they would know? Cheers, John
  21. Hi Sand-dollars, Sorry I don't remember Wendy Holt of Willoughby St but have to admit my memory isn't as great as I would like! Virtually everyone I remember either went to Reform Chapel, 53rd BB, Grimesthorpe or Hinde House schools. In case you wonder , after Grimesthorpe my mum & dad found that Hinde Houseschool was being built & if I went to Hucklow rather than Owler Lane I would move up to Hinde House the following year. I did & it was a great move loving my time at Hinde House & it was a good school too.
  22. Hi hehe, its 19 miles over the moors or on the coast road. I travel it every other Sunday afternoon as I sing in a choir there & originally went to the dentist ( a work colleagues wife) there as we couldn't get one in Guisborough. Its always very busy throughout the year but a really nice place. The North Yorks Moors Railway now goes there as well as Northern Rail from Middlesbrough.
  23. Arnold Scholey was a dentist whose main practice was above the herbalists at 11 Rushby St - he was my dentist from 1956 until he sold the practice about 1970. His brother called Sam I think ran the herbalists. Arnold also had a practice for a while at Grenoside ( junction of Halifax Rd & Hilltop rd I recall as I went there once). However, Arnold also ran a pub - The Fountain at Ingbirchworth near Penistone which always had a reputation for good food. I remember him taking home a tray of bread buns from the bakers across the other side of Rushby St!
  24. Sorry you think my post re Hinde House Lane isn't relevent to this thread. In fact I am a Grimesthorpian through & through. Went to Grimesthorpe school, spent 35 years attending Reform Chapel & BB & being involved with the Crossey's & other folk at St Thomas BB until my job moved me from Sheffield. My mum, uncle & grandparents lived on Rothay Rd from 1923 until grandparents & Uncle had died in the 1990's. It had never occurred to me that anyone would consider Hinde House Lane people as not relevent to Grimesthorpe as its the people who make an area not precisely where they live so I think we should be careful not to be too parochial. If we do we risk excluding many who have wonderful memories of Grimesthorpe & the surrounding area!
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