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  1. I was in Sheffield last weekend & as I drove past Reform Chapel was delighted to see from banner about Girls Brigade anniversary service that GB is still going there. John
  2. There were a number of entries re 78th in a previous thread- "Boys brigade does it still exist" in 2007/2008 for example see http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=3828576&highlight=78th#post3828576
  3. I did look but without knowing his regiment (& preferably his regimental number) it is impossible to determine which Medal Roll would be his as the vast number have no details of address etc. Can iamwoody say whether Percy survived the war? According to the Sheffieldsoldier site there was a P Wood commoroarted on the Heeley Church memorial who died in WW1 although I have found it difficult to find that man on the CWGC site. There is also a P Wood of the Royal Field Artillery who served (didn't die I think) whose name is commemorated on the Cammell Laird, Cyclops Works Roll of Honour memorial now at Kelham Island. It would also be helpful to know his parents names as there are a number of possibilities for him on 1901 & 1911 census returns but I can't find any living at Heeley.
  4. I have searched the WW1 service records on ancestry & there is nothing for your Percy Wood which suggests his records were indeed among those detroyed in the WW2 fire. There is also nothing in the WW1 pension records.
  5. Very sorry to hear about the sad death of Terry Rhodes. He was a very popular member of 53rd Boys Brigade Company at Reform Chapel. RIP.
  6. I well remember coming back from dancing class about 1956 & waiting for tram at Barnsley Rd/Norwood Rd junction. When it came smog was so bad I struggled to see the tram even though it was only a few yards away!
  7. You must have been in The Life Boys at Reform Chapel. I (John Moore) was in it too. I was born 1944; what about you? Heer are some lIfe boys photos; are you on any?: I have BB photos as well.
  8. I grew up on Hinde House Lane, born 1944 & lived there until 1968 when I married; mum & dad were there until early 1993 by when they had both died. Last night watched the BBC programme on policing at Page Hall with horror! How can a great area get so bad! Feel sorry for the folk left there to cope with the problems.
  9. Did Sue Foster wife of Bev work with you at that time? I am sure worked at that hairdressers. I knew them through Reform Chapel Youth Club
  10. Whole thing is: There's an emblem fair that is known to all A sign to help us through, It stands for strength & it stands for right, An Anchor tried & true. The emblem of The Boys' Brigade,it helps us on our way, our fathers knew in days gone by, this sign we know today, "Sure & Stedfast" the Brigade Boys motto clear, thats our watchword when trouble & trials are near Sure & Stedfast to the flag that flies above, In all that we do, we try to be true to the Anchor that we love. Its on YouTube at
  11. I may be wrong but I think Hutchinson's Pet Ship was on the right hand side of the Wicker as you go towards town about 2/3 of the way towards Blonk St
  12. Can't remember names but went to Firth Park Bowling Alley for first part of my stag night in March 1968. Then on to nearly pub!
  13. History of Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Church A number of histories have been written by Les Cusworth (except the 1951 version). I have copied : a) 2001 150th Anniversary of orginal church (now school room) being built b) 1997 Centenary of new church being built c) 1951 Centenary of orginal church being built d) History of the Organ prepared by Les in 1991. They are all pdf files & I can't work out how to get them on here (if anyone knows please tell me!). Otherwise send me an email & I will send them to you. John
  14. Here is a photo Barrie Reynolds just sent me of the 53rd Life Boys at Staithes in 1955. Lots of opportunity for "face spotting" here! Its also a very historic photo of Staithes as it shows the (now demolished) railway viaduct.
  15. I have just read a history of Reform Chapel & see that Light Operas were given in the 1930's so these photos must have been of light operas given in the late 1930's. After the war Pantomimes were performed for 6 consecutive evenings each February. If anyone is intere4sted I can scan teh history & put it on here. John
  16. Hi Fleetwood, I didn't get into the hall but from my previous visit I think the stage is still there. This photo of GWRC doing HMS Pinafore ( don't know precise year but think its late 1940's or early 50's) will interest you. . Here is my mum & dad madge & Jim Moore - don't know what show is & one of my dad Jim(middle) , Uncle Ken Morris (right) & Les Cusworth (left)
  17. I was down in Sheffield last weekend for Great Sheffield Flood 150th Commemorations as my gt gt grandad John King was killed in it. last Sunday morning I went to the Reform Chapel Anniversary service & took a variety of photos inside & out which may bring back memories to Grimesthorpians who went there. One or two you may not recognise! John
  18. I should have posted to this. Neil Ward says that yes it was Sheringham in 1962.
  19. I have found from Neil Ward (who is on photo) that it was taken at Sheringham in 1962
  20. Sad news - Irene Reynolds rung me last night to say that Bessie Cusworth died last Tuesday just short of her 90th birthday
  21. Hi Clown, Would Phillip Thoday be dad of Michael (I think) Thoday who I remember was similar age to me?
  22. Hi Brian, You are right about Les but I don't think that is Charlie Wise. Amy Wise is not there either & I am sure that if one went, the other would too as other officers have taken wives. Best wishes, John
  23. Confusion ! Neil Ward (if its him) is 5th from left second row down, Roy Crossey 5th from left 3rd row down. Apparently it what taken a few years before Roy & Chris were married (1968). You are right it is Cliff Minnis' wife at far end
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