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  1. Here are some 53rd photos. 1956 1960 1961 1960 again 1957 Life Boys whit walk 1952 Life Boys Staithes 1955 Jersey 1953 Whjit walk 1952 Whit walk 1961
  2. Thats right Tonio. Grandparents William & Liliam Morris. Don't they all look happy!!! I visited Sheffield for 4 days last week & went to morning service at Reform Chapel on Sunday. Great to meet Irene Reynolds, Carole Webb & Bernard & Jean Oldman etc. Their numbers are small now but its worth while anyone popping in to see them if you have chance. Remember Rene Marriott? Its her 90th birthday shortly.
  3. I & everyone at Hucklow went to Hinde House when it first opened in Sep 1956. Others in my class were David Nile (lived near Oval), Jennifer Hague (whose family had a fruit shop on Bellhouse Rd I think) & John Spencer (butcher). I have been in touch with David who has been to reunions but never seen Jennifer - anyone know if she is still around?
  4. Climax Jazzmen were at Cannon Hall on Wednesday evenings in late 50's & 60's. Harry Jarvis, bass player was a friend of mine
  5. My wife was perified by "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock
  6. Hi Brian1941, Certainly the photo would have been taken at Skegness Sheffield Battalion camp & the 53rd did go to that. I agree that the 3rd & 4th lads could be from Reform; maybe 3rd is Eric Foster but its just a guess . I don't recognise the other names given though. Alan Foster may know but he isn't on email.
  7. Presumably you have googled his name maybe along with london & theatre? Its amazing what can pop up!
  8. Hi Rumina, Glad to be of help. I think D 50 & D51 were the earliest steels of that type invented by Turgot & D 70 was a later version probably developed to be more stress corrosion resistant following the Shannon airport accident where stress corrosion was thought to be the cause. The D range of steels were maraging steels with a high nickel content. I got on well with Turgot during my 3 months there. He was very considerate with us trainees & I had a happy 3 months with him. You are correct; Geoff Allan was Transformation Lab Manager & he too was easy to get on with. The R & D labs at ESC were inthe latter part of the main ESC office block on Brightside Lane towards the Tinsley end. The transformation Lab was at first floor level looking onto the works yard. On the other side of the corridor looking over Brightside Lane was the office of Jim Russell, R& D Superintendant. Best wishes, John
  9. My friend Neil Ward lived at 2 Edgar St from being born in 1946.
  10. It was Grimesthorpe Rd Primitive Methodist Church opened in 1930's closed about 1967. I went there once or twice for sunday school anniversaries I think while I was at Reform Chapel.
  11. Hi Cat631, Was Roy a brother of Francis Butler? I know he was a pigeon fancier. John
  12. Hi Janet, I met Pam & Joe at Bessie Cusworth's funeral March last year. Joe seemed to be recovering well. We seem to come to Sheffield too often for funerals! Jenny Atheron's last October & Dave Atherton's last week. Good to see Jeanette Jessop, Linda Sidebottom, Alan Wooten, Neil Ward, Irene Reynolds & Joan Cooper etc though. Hope you are well, John
  13. Anybody know what happened to Margaret Eades? Is she still in Sheffield?
  14. I have looked on the marriage records & there are 3 Jane Thorpe marraiges in Sheffield in the 1980's. Did your Jane have a middle name? One of the marriages if for Jane Thorpe to a Dean R Betts in 1987. One is Jane J Thorpe to a Shaun Parker in 1983. The final one is for Jane M Thorpe to Geoffrey A Howsam in 1985. Are those any help?
  15. Hi Dorothy, Many thanks for your memories of my mum. I know she enjoyed her time at Carters very much. Best wishes, John
  16. Hi dottyb, Thanks for yoru response re my mum Marjorie Moore. What is your name? Have you any memories of her? Reply via private message if you prefer. I have been in touch a number of times with Janice Dyson (nee Lee) who was quite close to mum at Carter's as mum looked after her when she startred work there. She lived near us on Bolsover Road I think. Mum only went to work at Carter's after dad had a nervous breakdown when I was about 13 so she needed to earn money. She loved her time at Carter's though. Best wishes, John
  17. My wife's Uncle Arthur Moore who was an Auxiliary Firemen was killed by a bomb falling on his fire engine on Cross Burgess St on the evening of 12th December. He was 28 years old.
  18. My mum Marjorie Moore worked in the offices there too from 1958 I think until she retired in 1975. Anyone knew her?
  19. Thanks Walt for info on names & Dates. I should have known John Simms - the mind dims with age !!!
  20. 21st BB probably in teh 1970's with my dear friends Cliff Minnis & Roy Crossey plus others. Can anyone put a more precise date to it?
  21. About 1970 I was working at BISRA, Hoyle St. One day Pat Booth , secretary to Dr John Pearson the Director came to work in a trouser suit & was promptly told by him that trousers were not suitable work attire!!
  22. You will need to buy the marriage certificate to get the info you want. Its reference is March quarter 1893 Sheffield 9 c 440 & john is named John Blakeley. You can see that yourself on FreeBMD http://www.freebmd.org.uk/ To buy it on line go here http://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/ Or apply in person to Sheffield Register Office ; cost will be £9.25 or thereabouts . Unfortunately if you want to do family history you can't get out of buying certificates partricularly for marriages as the detailed info on them is nowhere else unless you know the church they would be married in , in which case you could try to look at church registers.
  23. Very sorry to tell you of the death at 10.30pm yesterday 27 October of Jenny Atherton (nee Fretwell), wife of Dave & very active member of Reform Chapel Youth Club in the 1960's.
  24. I was in Sheffield last weekend & as I drove past Reform Chapel was delighted to see from banner about Girls Brigade anniversary service that GB is still going there. John
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