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  1. Some years ago 2 people called Glyn & Mark (their website is http://www.brigantian.force9.co.uk/) were to produce a book on the Zeppelin raid. I gave them all my info & photos of Elizabeth Bellamy but the book never appeared. If anyone does intend producing a book I would be happy to pass my info to them. John
  2. Elizabeth Bellamy nee Pigott was my gt grandma. She was injured when a high explosive bomb fell outside her home at 43 Writtle St (now Maxwell Way). Shrapnel from the bomb hit her in the back as she rushed across her bedroom to protect her granddaughter (Marjorie Morris, my mum) who was in a cot aged 11 months. She was taken to the Royal Hospital, off West Street, where three hours later she died from her injuries. She is buried in Burngreave Cemetery Grave Number 4544, Section JJ where her husband William was eventually buried too. Inscription on gravestone reads " Blessed are the pure in heart. In loving memory of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of William Bellamy who was suddenly called away on 26 Sept. 1916 age 57 years. "A bitter grief, a shock severe, to part with one we loved so dear". This her picture http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee142/johnpm-bucket/elizbellamy-pigott1906_zps2fe6f246.jpg John
  3. Whatever you do don't just rely on putting your tree on a commercial website eg Ancestry, Find my Past etc. Buy a software package to use on your pc so you always have control. Family Tree Maker (sold by ancestry) has been probably the best but they are to stop selling it or supporting it shortly so discount that. Family Historian & RootsMagic are possibilities along with other less known ones. You can buy subscription services for data from ancestry, Find my Past etc but should always be able to get a free trial for at least a month or so to see if it is for you. I find ancestry easier to use, but FMP has some data that ancestry doesn't have & vice versa. As others have said use free sites such as FreeBMD, & Familysearch first Good hunting !
  4. Hi Brian, Yes that's him. He must be in his mid 70's now. John
  5. Yes I am sure it was the Toll Gate. Brian 941 - Was it Keith Wild?
  6. Was that Keith Wild? I remember him well from BB. He was a great pace bowler in the chapel cricket team too. I had the occasional game in that when they were short. Prior to leaving Sheffield in 1976 I used to come across him at a well know pub ( but can't remember its name !) on Pitsmoor Rd near Abbeyfield Park; I think he lived near there.
  7. On the photo of Bland St is the building lower left the old English Steel Chemistry Lab?
  8. I had my 18th birthday bash in The Beehive in May 1962. I seem to remember they had a man in there playing the piano sometimes.
  9. The Doctors surgery we went to for Dr Pettigrew etc. is still at the same place now ( or was not many years ago) about 100 yards or so along from Firth Park towards town opposite the park.
  10. Hi Ralph, Yes its Geoff Cottam with Bev Foster at side of him Here it is again for convenience. Best wishes, John http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee142/johnpm-bucket/jersey1960.jpg
  11. Have just seen a Fecbook post of a picture taken 1919 showing Royal Visit to Grimesthorpe on Owler Lane. Apparently they were visiting Vickers Works on Brightside Lane (later English Steel). Must have been a massive occasion for Grimesthorpe!!
  12. Hi Voldy, I went to library a lot as well as sailing boats in the pond often getting them stuck on the island in the middle! Yes the bakery was 1 Hinde House Lane which was across from Scholey's herbalist. My dentist Arnold Scholey had a surgery above his brother's ( or was it cousin's) herbalist. Arnold was also landlord of the Fountain Pub at Ingbirchworth & I remember seeing him pick up trays of bread rolls from the bakery before going home
  13. I too had Dr Pettigrew & Dr Ridgeway. I have met with Dr Ridgeway on a number of occasions in recent years. The last time was at the centenary celebrations of St Oswalds Church, Bannerdale Rd in 2010 where he had been a member for many years & where my wife grew up.
  14. I agree its really sad to see Page Hall these days; I was born 1944 at 97 Hinde House Lane which I left in 1968 when married. Mum & dad carried on living there until they died, dad 1987 mum 1993. Mum didn't like it in the last few years because it had changed so much . My wife is from Millhouses area & that side of the city has changed little.
  15. According to the 1881 Sheffield Religious Survey, Philadelphia Wesleyan Reform Church had 250 seats with an attendance of 83 in the morning & 148 in the evening. So it was built before 1881 & that must be the church your mum attended. I attended Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Church from being a child in the 1940's & in the 1950's I recall visiting other Wesleyan Reform Churches & I am sure Philadelphia was one. I think it was the old church I went to & can seem to remember a big celebration when the new curent Church on Upperthorpe was built.
  16. I have checked the 1891 census & Edward Warrender lived at 12 court, 5 house Upwell Street. He is a 31 year old labourer born Sheffield, wife Ellen age 33 born Greasbrough, children Arthur 7, Edward 5, Ethel 4, William 2 all born Grimesthorpe, Sheffield. From the 1950's maps I see house no 5 is roughly opposite Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Chapel although the 1950's map is not early enough to show courts there. No 5 Upwell St is shown on extreme left of photo b elow although that was taken in 1955 so house may have looked a lot different in 1891! Re the 1881 entry at 3 Ball Yard, there is a Ball pub not far down Upwell St from where he lived in 1891 so it may be that Ball Yard was a yard behind the Ball pub. Have you got him in 1961? He is aged 4 months with parents Joseph age 37 a furnaceman born Grimesthorpe & mother Elizabeth age 22 - her place of birth looks like Braithwaite, Yorks but isn't clear. Joseph Warrender died in 1875 aged 48 & wife Elizabeth married Edward Simcox in 1879. Edward Warrender is with them in 1881. I can't find the family in 1871.
  17. Normally on the census a house in a court is listed as say " 5ct 2h Upwell St" meaning court 5 behind house no 20 Upwell St. I suggest you check the census page again to see if a house number is listed. I can check it for you if you let me have name, age & place of birth.
  18. My dad Jim Moore worked at Firth Vickers from 1930 - 1980 (apart from war service). He started as office boy at Weedon St & moved on to installation of Hot Mill (at Shepcote Lane) where he became assistant mill manager. Then he bacame Stores Manager but after a period of ill health in the late 1950's went into Purchasing until 1978 when he moved into Engineers records .Anyone knew him?
  19. Hi Peter, I have lived in Guisborough for 39 years since moving from Sheffield. Are you far away?
  20. English Steel Corporation was part of the Vickers Group of companies until it was nationalised in 1967. I was in the ESC first aid team & we went to the Vickers Group First Aid competition at Vickers Naval Yard Newcastle one year.
  21. WE were on holiday last month at Goodrington,Paignton & had the best chips & fish we have had for many years - if you are down there try the "Frying Scotsman" at Goodrington shops.
  22. Here are some 53rd photos. 1956 1960 1961 1960 again 1957 Life Boys whit walk 1952 Life Boys Staithes 1955 Jersey 1953 Whjit walk 1952 Whit walk 1961
  23. Thats right Tonio. Grandparents William & Liliam Morris. Don't they all look happy!!! I visited Sheffield for 4 days last week & went to morning service at Reform Chapel on Sunday. Great to meet Irene Reynolds, Carole Webb & Bernard & Jean Oldman etc. Their numbers are small now but its worth while anyone popping in to see them if you have chance. Remember Rene Marriott? Its her 90th birthday shortly.
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