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  1. Will have missed you then Terry. It was a good busy pub when we were there.
  2. Terry -The Roman Ridge was my local when we lived at Maple Croft Rd from 1968 until we left Sheffield in August 1976. Were you there during that time? John
  3. Hi Fleetwood, Thanks for your comments & good wishes. Hope you are reasonably well. Best wishes, John
  4. Hi Ralph, Thanks for that . It didn't last too long then . I am ok except will be having new knee on 17th July & so will be joining the Bionic Brigade ! Hope you are ok.
  5. Does anyone know the start & finish dates for Grimesthorpe Colliery?
  6. I just missed National Service; remember a big sign on Herries rd railway bridge saying "Cut the Call Up". I did a month at Outward Bound Sea School at Aberdovey though when I was 18 so that gave me a short version! Really enjoyed it after I got used to the amount of exercise we did starting at 6am every day with cold shower !!! Our watch won the Watch competition which was a great achievement. See below ( me seated on extreme right)
  7. Hi Fleetwood, Thanks for that memory. Uncle Ken played such a large part in my early life because dad worked on Saturday's so I spent every Saturday with Uncle Ken who introduced me to hiking, classical music & many other things. I have so many great memories of those days. John
  8. I am back in Sheffield for 3 days week after next & looking forward to meeting up with family & friends from Reform Chapel & 53rd BB. Reform chapel & Grimesthorpe school played such a big part in my life. Also grandma, grandad & Uncle Ken who lived at 43 Rothay Rd. Great memories!
  9. In 1960 started work at English Steel Research Dept. Went To Sheffield Poly doing ONC then HNC Metallurgy 1 day& 1 evening per week.
  10. I have obtained a copy of "No 3 Scrapbook of NE Sheffield & S Yorks History " published by Earl Marshall Adult Education Local History Group. However, I find it is Issue no 1 that I would like to see or be able to have a copy of which among other things contains a history of Grimesthorpe. Has anyone come across a copy of this please? Thanks, John
  11. If I remember rightly Colliery road goes off Brightside Lane & goes up, under the railway, onto Holywell Rd. We used to use it when we were kids trainspotting at Brightside station. I seem to think it was shut under the bridge some time later.
  12. Go on - now you have told us you must show the photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi Brian, I keep in touch with Reform Chapel people & went to morning service a couple of years ago. Sad that they are down to about 10/12 or so in congregation I think. Amazing that they have kept it going so long though & its in good condition. It's changed a lot since our day with way through from chapel building direct to hall with extra toilets. About 60% of people who go travel from other side of town. John
  14. Here is a photo of Reform Chapel group at Whit Sing in Firth Park; Amy & Charlie Wise, Dora Reynolds, Ken Morris, Bessie Cusworth, George Hewitt & others can be seen centre left. Kath Lynch just in front of banner pole. Early 1950's.
  15. There are very few around for 1956 - 1960 period as no class photos were taken during that time. I have 3 taken 1960 when I was in 5th year. This is our 5th year class. This is girls in our 5th year class with Geoff Hook our form teacher in both 4th & 5th years. John Here is one taken at Stratford This a picture of staff Here is both pages of official opening programme Here is both pages of first Speech Day in 1960
  16. I had a long chat to Tony Drury Smith last week. He has all the Battalion information after 1950 & plans to do a write it up on it. When it will be done I don't know though!!
  17. I understand that Sheffield Battalion owned the Camp site at Skegness & they went every year certainly in the 1930's. Ladies were not allowed to stay in camp though & mum, Amy Wise & the other ladies stayed in boarding houses. If anyone is interested in the history of Sheffield Battalion up to 1939 its detailed here in an article written by Albert Drury Smith who was Captain at Petre S t Methodist & for many years chairman of 4th Sheffield District. His son Tony Drury Smith is Captain at 1st Dronfield Coal Aston company. Sadly the history from 1939 which would have interested us was not written as far as I know. This is the link to its history https://sheffield.boys-brigade.org.uk/aboutus.html
  18. Hi Brian, Glad you liked the pics. The chap on the bike was my dad Jim Moore. He moved to Reform Chapel in 1932 from All Saints BB (15th Sheffield) to help Cliff Minnis start the 53rd at Reform Chapel. He met my mum & they married & he stayed at the chapel. He was an officer in BB & was mace bearer of the band for early years but retired from active BB work in 1956 when I moved up from Life Boys as he didn't think it right that he was an officer when I was in. This is a great BB photo; it shows Charlie & Amy Wise with my dad Jim & mum Marjorie at Sheffield Battalion camp at Skegness about 1937. Middle of summer, full uniform with gloves & walking sticks !!!
  19. Does anyone know the year the photo was taken? I would think late 1950's. Good to see Bev Foster & Joe Cooper. Joe now lives at Wentworth. I lost touch with Bev a few years ago.
  20. Thanks Hillsbro. Happy Christmas.
  21. When I was young (probably 1950's) I remember a sign painted on the 5 arches saying "Cut the Call Up"
  22. So sorry to hear of the sad death of Brian Gill. He was a key member of our Hinde House school reunion group which has been meeting annually for quite a few years & which instigated the recent 60th anniversary commemorations in October. RIP Brian.
  23. I lived on Hinde House Lane but went to the regular jazz nights at the Cannon Hall (each Wednesday I think) with the Climax Jazzmen in the 1960's. Harry Jarvis ( a friend from Reform Chapel BB ) played the bass . They were great nights.
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