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  1. Hi Tonio, Yes i remember Janet but can't remember what she looked like ! (my memory seems to be rubbish now !) . I have always wondered what happened to her. I have a photo of our Sunday school class in 1954 at Grimesthorpe Chapel. I don't know how to put a photo on here so if you PM me your email address I will send it so Janet can tell me if she is on as I must confess I can only remember one of the girls names. Also on it is Ian and Barry Reynolds, Ian Pinhorn, David Nile, Carole Traunter and my cousin Michael Moore as well as me. Cheers, John
  2. My grandma lived at 43 Rothay rd ( its the middle house of 3 in the yard accessed from bottom of Hawkshead Rd ) from 1924 and mum and uncle were born there. My uncle Ken lived there until he died in 1991. Are you near that house? I live out of Sheffield so haven't seen it for years. Whats it look like now?
  3. Its me that mentioned Jack Crookes. Really sorry to hear that he reached such a ripe old age and wasn't able to make it further. Certainly his name brought back many memories of happy times in and around the Grimesthorpe area.
  4. Hi all, some of you eg Nettiej already know who I am. While I lived at Hinde House Lane, Page Hall , my grandma and grandad William and Lilian Morris lived at 43 Rothay Rd. My Uncle Ken lived there all his life and my mum Marjorie lived there until she was married. We all went to Reform Chapel and Sunday school and I also went to Grimesthorpe Junior school from 1951 to 1955. I was in The Life Boys and Boys Brigade at Reform Chapel until I left Sheffield in 1976. When a lad, I spent most Saturdays at my grandma's so have many fond memories of the area. Jack (John) Crookes veg shop was not far away as was the chip shop and the Co-op - remember the blue sugar bags, whole cheeses etc ? Jack Crookes also had a lorry which he used to take veg round the whole area on a Saturday going as far as our house on Hinde House Lane - really great veg. My uncle had an allotment opposite the old gas works ( long since demolished) next to Brightside station which is how I started my love of train spotting. Well, thats a bit to be going on with. Grimesthorpe was a great place then - all happy memories. Hope yours were too. John
  5. Note to Walt. Left you a PM last week - please check it out.
  6. What sort of organ is it - traditional pipe organ like in churches or just a keyboards? If its a traditional church organ whether wind blown or electronic there are only a few buisinesses in the country which do them. One company our church has dealt with and had good service from ( in fact bought a new organ from them) is Makin Organs : Makin Organs Ltd Sovereign House 30 Manchester Road Shaw Lancs OL2 7DE T 01706 888 100
  7. Whilst its about 100 miles away from Sheffield the North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group is one of the biggest groups to be involved in owning and repairing steam locoos. They are based at Darlington and have locos like Blue Peter as well as K1, Q6, J27 etc among their fleet of locos. Blue Peter has been temporarily at Chesterfield for the past 6 months or so while the Darlington Railway Museum ( where it is normally based and which is next door to the NELPG workshops) is renovated. They have a good website but the system won't let me put the link on here as I haven't made 5 posts yet !! So use google !
  8. If you like the theatre, the Steven Joseph Theatre is good - I went there about 6 weeks ago to see a great Alan Aykbourn play. Have a look on eth websites to see whats on there and elsewhere - they have the occasional big name concert at The Spa. If you like walking, the Cleveland Way which goes down the coast say from Cloughton in the north down to Cayton Bay in the south is an excellent walk with some nice pubs along the way. You can do it in easy stretches. Apart from that joint the thousands who walk the Marine Drive every day !! John
  9. I lived on Hinde House Lane and remember making touchburners from clay we got at the side of the stream in Firth Park woods at the side of the library. Shows how we enjoyed simple pleasures then - can't see kids today doing it - can you?
  10. I was in the 53rd at Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reforn Church. Joined The Life Boys in 1952 and went into BB when I was 12. At the time Charlie Wise ( an ex-professional footballer for Notts County) was Company Captain and his wife Amy ran The Life Boys. I went on to be an officer until leaving Sheffield in 1976 although spent 2 years at Creswick Greave Company just before leaving. I did Duke of Edinburgh Award and through that got friendly with John Spencer ( Firth Park) Barry Trigg (Beck Rd), Alan Clegg ( Andover St) and many others. At the 53rd we also did a number of joint things with the company at St Thomas Brightside ( 21st I think) where Cliff Minnis was Captain and Roy Crossey was an officer. Through working on the committee of the 4th Sheffield District I well remember Albert Smith Captain at Petre Street. Last year the 53rd had a great 75th Anniversary reunion.
  11. I was one of the first kids to go to Hinde House. Went Sept 1956 when it first opened its doors and stayed until 1960 . I was in the first 5th year they had. I went there from Hucklow Rd. We had a good 50th anniversary celebration of the opening of the school last year and George Ridgeway came along and cut the cake. Anybody from that era wanting to go to our next reunion send me a PM John
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