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  1. 14 hours ago, Cornish cream said:

    I remember Peter and Celia Garrett used to belong to Reform Chapel.......possibly after The Methodist chpel closed.

    Peter & Celia still attend Reform Chapel. Spoke to Peter  a few weeks ago - Chapel is closed because of Covid though.  Only about 12 attend in recent times & most of those inc Peter & Celia, Jean & Bernard Oldman & Gordon & Janet Kay live some distance away . 

  2. 20 hours ago, mikeG said:

    Hi John.  I remember Dad mentioning Jimmy Moore many times. Dad retired in 1972 and moved to Hawarden which is where he married in 1940. He started a picture framing business in the village. In his 80's he kept in touch with Jeff Edwards (Shepcote Lane) and they often went to Madeira for 2/3 months to escape the Welsh winter. Jeff died last year aged 100.

    Thanks Mike. That's good to know !  I think I remember dad mentioning the name Eric George sometimes. When I was young I didn't see much of dad as he always worked on a Saturday so it was only Sundays when we were together. When I was around 14 he started having Saturdays off & we could go to football etc  together. I started work at English Steel in 1960 & had to work Saturday mornings too so I guess most people did then.  Dad died in 1987 age 72 from cancer.

  3. On 21/08/2020 at 13:59, mikeG said:

    My father, Eric George worked at Shepcote Lane 1947-1972.  He oversaw the installation of the Steckel Mill in the mid 50's. He died 2010 aged 92.

    Hi Mike, I bet our dads new each other. My dad Jim Moore worked for Firth Vickers from 1930 until retiring in 1980 apart from serving in RAF during the war.. He was involved in installation of the Hot Mill at Shepcote Lane & was Assistant Mill Manager after it was commissioned. He said that when they started building the Hot Mill, Shepcote Lane was a very poor road not properly tarmacked etc.

  4. Started at English Steel Corporation on Brightside Lane on 7th September 1960 as Research trainee where we spent 3 months in every Research Laboratory & Works Metallurgical Dept.  I was also a Works Guide taking parties of visitors round the works. After 3 years I went into the Welding laboratory as my permanent job. Welding was a technology that was moving rapidly at that time.  In October 1967 I got a job at British Iron & Steel Research Association on Hoyle St in  Steelmaking Dept where I stayed until that site was closed in 1976 when steelmaking moved to a new Lab at Teesside. Other Depts moved to Swinden Labs at Rotherham.  By the time we moved BISRA had been brought into British Steel Corporation. 

  5. Its now 44 years since I left Sheffield . Covid has  meant I have not visited since last September but am still in touch with a number of Grimesthorpians. So sad to see all the problems at Fir Vale & feel so sorry for the friends I have who live in that area & have to put up with such behaviour.  I will have to come soon as we are nearly out of Hendersons Relish. I have to keep both us & our 2 children & adult grandaughter supplied with it so bring back 12 bottles each visit !!

    I really hope my old church  Reform Chapel  opens up again  after Covid as so many of us had such great times there in BB , Sunday School etc & it did such great work in the community. There are only  a  small number of attenders though now many of whom travel quite a distance to get there.

    Best wishes to all my Grimesthorpian friends !

  6. I collected stamps when I was young . Remember buying them from a  shop in Sheffield Market.  I had a very full album with first day covers etc. 40 years ago we moved from Sheffield & had to put everything in store ; my stamp album was one a few things including a silver tray which we eventually realised (too late!) had not been in the contents when they were eventually delivered to us.  Sad !

  7. 46 minutes ago, jad279 said:

    The Labs were on Moorgate Rd  Rotherham opposite Rotherham Genral Hospital , there was a large field inside the complex that was used for sports and sitting around at lunch time . The Labs had its own social club with a bowling green and tennis courts.

    Nice place to work ,


    Hi Jim, Don't know if you know that Swinden Labs was shut just over a year ago. The staff were supposed to go to a new Lab at Warwick but few, if any, went. I gather application for houses on the site was put in. I don't live in Sheffield now so not seen site for a few years.


  8. 16 hours ago, jad279 said:

    Hi John , just a bit before my time , but i quite a bit of work with submerged arc weldind at Swinden Labs , and the Sarclad roll reclemation set up at Brightside from around 1971. Alan Edwards , Derek Crossland might be names you know .

    Were you ate Swinden when Roy Gunstone was manager of Welding lab? He was Maanager of Welding lab at ECS when I was there.

    Can't recall Alan Edwards or Derek Crossland. I spent quit e a lot of time at Swinden in the 1980's & 90's at meetings & with Derek Wake on Quality.

  9. On 01/02/2020 at 17:52, jad279 said:

    My dad worked in the foundry on Brightside Ln with his Brother,  i worked at Swindon House in the welding Lab, when i used to visit the  SARCLAD unit at Brightside i would nip in to see him . All the blokes would shout , PUT A BIT OF RAPSBERRY ON MINE

    as soon as i appeared in the white smock.


    I worked in ESC Welding lab from 1964 until 1967 mostly working on Submerged Arc Cladding  & went up to Lab area in Foundry quite a lot. In October 1967 went to work at Bisra Hoyle street  then Teesside Labs from 1976.  Maybe we know each other?

    John Moore

  10. On 06/01/2020 at 19:00, nikki-red said:


    Steel City?

    Yes - I havent lived in Sheffield since 1976 & havent seen it for some years . It was such  agreat sports club back in ESC days & its a shame to see how many of these wonderful facilities have been allowed to go

  11. Does anyone know if there is available old listings of members of the Clarion Club please?  I am interested in  John Moore & his sons Arthur, Eric , John, William Leslie  & Thomas  in  period 1928 - 1940. Family legend has it that some of them were involved in the 1932 Mass Trespass of Kinder Scout.

    Thanks, John

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