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  1. Regarding travelling , many of us who have researched our families found that they moved to Sheffield back in the 1860's largely because they were poorly paid agricultural labourers or worked in agriculture related trades (my gt grandad was a joiner & wheelwright) & they became aware of the many jobs available in Sheffield particularly in the steelworks. My family came from Lincolnshire & it is no surprise that this movement of people followed expansion of the railways. It seems surprising that information of job availability became known some distances away but it did probably by word of mouth or possibly newspapers.
  2. Yes she is there . Entry states : Consecrated area Burial Number 36981 Grave plot P1 number 182 Date of death 2 April 1941 date of burial 7 April 1941 Name Edith Ellen Flint age 62 married address 31 Parsonage Street. She was born 1879 according to the MI. Sheffield General Cemeteries Trust have a website gencem.org. Don't the census returns help re why she went to Sheffield ? Hope that helps, John
  3. My late cousin Michael Moore worked at Fattorinis. for some years in the 60's & 70's. I also knew the watchmaker there who had previously worked with me at English Steel but cant remember his name. Anyone remember them?
  4. Contact Bereavement Services on 0114 2396068 . They should be able to help.
  5. The Captain of Petre St Methodist BB company was Albert Drury Smith in the 1960's; cant remember the number. Albert's son Tony is currently captain of Coal Aston BB company. There was also a BB at All Saints Anglican Church - the 15th Sheffield which my dad was in .
  6. I think Terry Eckersley was in 53rd at Grimesthorpe Wesleyan Reform Chapel. I was in that one & seem to remember his name.
  7. In 1911 there is a William Allen age 19 table blade grinder living with Mrs Emma Spink widow & scissor dresser at 20 Sylvester St. Maybe he had been apprenticed to her dead husband ? Might that be him ?
  8. I have a street map & index dating from 1950's & there is no Ludlow Street on that. Neither can I find it on Sheffield Indexers lists going back through 19th century & 18th century.
  9. Clay St ran off Attercliffe Rd & was h next Rd after Newhall Rd going away from town. I can't find any reference to Moses Rd - could it be a transcription error?
  10. Just wanted to wish all you Grimesthorpians a Happy Christmas & hope that 2021 is a better year for all of us! Keep safe ! John
  11. Do you know where his medals are? The Dead Penny will almost certianly be with them.
  12. Peter & Celia still attend Reform Chapel. Spoke to Peter a few weeks ago - Chapel is closed because of Covid though. Only about 12 attend in recent times & most of those inc Peter & Celia, Jean & Bernard Oldman & Gordon & Janet Kay live some distance away .
  13. Thanks Mike. That's good to know ! I think I remember dad mentioning the name Eric George sometimes. When I was young I didn't see much of dad as he always worked on a Saturday so it was only Sundays when we were together. When I was around 14 he started having Saturdays off & we could go to football etc together. I started work at English Steel in 1960 & had to work Saturday mornings too so I guess most people did then. Dad died in 1987 age 72 from cancer.
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