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  1. Use free sites such as https://www.freebmd.org.uk/ , https://www.freereg.org.uk/ https://www.familysearch.org/en/home/ Also put on here surnames you are interested in & one of us may have same family. I would be happy to help - send me a PM if interested John
  2. Hi Penny, I have been doing family history & am happy to help but just to be clear about various things - was your mum born Doris Brown & then married a man called Schofield? Was your mum born 1919 or was that someone else ? Are you ************* ? I think your mum married Herbert K Schofield in 1940 in Sheffield. Did Herbert die or were they divorced ? Any idea when your mum & dad married - I can't find a marriage for them. Suggest you contact me at johnpetermoore@sky.com. John
  3. The staff may have gone to Hallamshire or Northern General Hospitals I think depending on their speciality
  4. Hi Bodsy, We went to Bowling Green Street 1 night a week for 1 year for Maths (probably 1st year HNC). My friend who I went with was Ken King ( I am John Moore) & we went right through to HNC together. Another at ESC Research was Paul Haynes. Do those names ring a bell?
  5. My mum Marjorie Moore worked there for quite a few years from 1958 until 1975 when she retired.
  6. Only spoke to Ralph |Aspinall (cat631) 2 weeks before he died & he was fine then. He is a great loss to Grimesthorpe history.
  7. English Steel Corp had a wonderful sports ground on Shiregreen Lane. Cricket, football about 5 tennis courts including one grass & great clubhouse. I played tennis a couple of t imes a weeek there in 1960's. Also has interdepartmental indoor games n ight every year.
  8. If you havent already done so you need to produce a family tree back from yourself. Census returns on ancestry will help also Freebmd for births marriages & deaths? Also look at Sheffield iNdexers which is free .
  9. Sheffield & District Battalion of the BB is still active & has 15 companies. It has a website at http://sheffield.boys-brigade.org.uk/ I recall all prospective 4th District officers had to be interviewed by George Winslow. I remember spending an hour at his house for that around 1962/3 - his house was on Hereward Rd I think.
  10. I went to Hinde House when it opened in September 1956 - then it was a Secondary Modern school. I was in the first group of only 15 to stay in to 5th Year & take RSA School Certificate exam in 1960. Geoff Hook, our form teacher in 4th & 5th year was later Headmaster at Myers Grove I believe.
  11. My wife Chris Moore was on the old ITU at NGH (ward 2a ?) which transferred to a new Cardiothoracic Post Operative ITU around 1970; the Cardiothoracic consultant was Geoff Smith, a really nice man who I think finished up as Cardiothoracic Professor at Guys. Chris was a Sister there until we left Sheffield in 1976.
  12. My gtgrandparents lived at 75 Verdon street in 1881. Prior to that they were at 11 Handley Street which was nearby.
  13. Anything particular you are waanting? I have a map which I think is from around 1950's. I know the area - used to go to Reform Chapel
  14. We had an outside toilet at our house in Hinde House Lane & used a paraffin lamp to try to stop freezing in winter often unsuccessfully ! The back boiler behind our back room fire blew up on 6 Feb 1956 ; thankfully dad was defreezing the outside toilet at the time otherwise, if he had been inside he may have been killed. Fire Brigade came & boarded up the windows etc including using my trainset board on a window which upset me! It turned out to be a good thing as we finished up getting an inside toilet from the insurance.
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