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  1. :hihi::hihi:. you've been cutting back then mate ? did you know sharpey is writing ANOTHER book ? someone bought him a speak and spell for christmas. sat here waiting for sharpey to give me some stick for that comment.
  2. wish my football knowledge was half as good as yours mate. I remember going to a few sham69 gigs with you many moons ago .
  3. Ladbrokes have had a tip off , Norwich have gone to 1-10, another boat we've missed mate. Agree with your line of thinking , enjoy your days out at the match with your mates and let the club worry about the finances, you'll be there whatever league they are in if your a genuine fan.
  4. Derek Dooley was wednesdays 11th manager in 80 years but also thier 4th in 5 years.
  5. Bill green 1st november 2002 to 7th november 2002. caretaker manager. played 1 ,won 0 .drawn 0, lost 1. you should know that Mr Benn.
  6. 10 danny wilson . peter shreeves twice paul jewel. terry yorath. bill green. chris turner. mark smith. paul sturrock. sean mcauley. brian laws. not bad for a blade eh.
  7. had my bet £15 3-0 , £15 4-0. just added £100 england half time full time at evens.
  8. will have a look corky, on sat I had england 3-0 at 8/1 and england 4-0 at 14/1 , I was cursing the ref for dissallowing that goal until the last kick when england scored.
  9. close it anyway , it's after 12 oclock and worked a treat.
  10. think you will find if you have spent time reading my threads , the only time I dig is when people dig at me . Anyone like AP an a few others who question my sex or grandsons name will get the stick they deserve .I have years of football knowledge about both teams in this city and further a field and if correcting someone or stating facts is a crime so be it. Like the statements made about cortisone , I saw players being injected with that before it was ever heard of in public and have not seen any of these players get a penny although all say they think it did them no good.
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