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  1. thanks for all your messages of support. I'll be appealing the decision, so any helpful comments are much appreciated. I have three appeal packs on their way so I will appeal against all three of the rejections... TIA
  2. hello I have found out today along with many others, my son has not got into his first, second or third choice of schools and has been randomly placed in a school in special measures. Please could you give me some advice if you have appealed successfully in the 'other' category. His first choice was King Ecgberts. TIA Binstaff x
  3. Hi I'm looking for a children's band or choir or orchestra of some sort for my musical 10 yr old boy. We're in Meersbrook. Any ideas? Ta xxxxxx
  4. hi I bought my camper from Wellhouse Motors in Huddersfield (they used to be next door to the deepcar place but they've now moved). They have a mechanic on site and may be able to help. Ask for David Elliot. d.elliot@btinternet.com x
  5. Thanksfor those links Abdul. It seems I have found a new soapbox! I have spent the last three years campaigning for reusable nappies awareness in Sheffield (4% of all household rubbish is disposable nappies with 8 million a week ending up in landfill in England.) Now I have two nappy graduates I have fallen out of that circle really, but I am still passionate about enviromental issues and think this might be my next target!
  6. oh, I thought I might have missed something! Silly me, I presumed that something like an incinerator would be built to top spec to contain dangerous chemicals and somehow make them all disappear.... Grrr......... Why can't these companies go the whole way and do it right?
  7. That's cool - it seems very eco-friendly to do this. Or have I missed something?? And why isn't this being done all over the country instead of filling up landfills? It just seems so obvious to me...
  8. No I haven't but i presume it's the one I was referring to. That's why I was wondering if it's still in operation
  9. Criminals setting up companies and literally emptying their lorries on streets. Unbelievable disregard for people's land and housing nearby, let alone the environment. They were setting fire to huge volumes of lethal rubbish that polluted rivers nearby. It really haunted me. I know Sheffield used to incinerate 90% of it's rubbish and it went to heat up the colleges and council buildings, but I heard they didn't do that anymore, so I was just wondering if they still incinerated at all.
  10. Just wondering after watching dispatches last night, well I say watching it - I spent most of the programme hiding behind my cushion. Maybe I'm naive, but I just didn't realise people were so vile....
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