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  1. Or make it easier to employ cheaper labourl
  2. Oh yeah. Both from over the pond though so doesn't matter!!
  3. So you voting out on something on principle that happened 70 years ago (and it could be argued it wasn't our freedom that was fought for rather that of the Europe we are now opted into) and not on the reality of the last 40 years. Is that what you are saying?
  4. Don't worry , Brexit will repeal any trade mark laws. It will be open free trade to all. Genuine Fake, Genuine Fake and all that ......... Did see Mickey Grove this morning on breakfast tv. Maybe just my impression but he did look a little broken and resigned to defeat I thought.
  5. Bloomin Brexit vote. Roll on Friday.
  6. And of no use to exporters to exported earlier this month unless they billed in Euros!! (Although most exporters as such will have Euros accounts anyway which they then change to pounds at the right time which many did last week - the effect was to take the pound down further!).
  7. I think the decision to employ is a commercial decision not a HR decision but HR will make sure you are safe! As said, not picking points and you may have a good process in place. I would say you are an exception and most companies that I have worked with (big and small) take a look at the process and run. Quickly. PS You first point may sound a like a tax issue but we won't go down that line ---------- Post added 20-06-2016 at 13:31 ---------- **Just as a sub-note for anyone who has been following this riveting discussion, from this October, the £20,800 pay rate will only apply to anyone under 26. New or existing employees 26 or over on a Tier 2 General Visa will have to be paid a minimum of £25,000 and then from next April £30,000. There are also some roles classed as "skills shortage" that are on a pre-defined list that have a different minimum wage but IT is not one of them. Also from next April, companies will be allowed to transfer individuals inter-company after 12 months without the need to reapply for a new visa but the minimum salary will be £41,500 to allow this to happen. They can still apply for a transfer if they have less than 12 months service but the minimum salary will be £30,000 (increasing to £41,500 after 12 months - in other words employers cannot transfer them after 364 days in the hope to get away with paying less!). Also from next April, employers will have to pay £1,000 per employee per year (£364 per employee for small businesses) for each employee that are on such a visa.
  8. Mann wishes for many things most of which will never happen in his lifetime. I wish for a few nights with Kelly Brook. We share many things me and him.
  9. I prefer my tea cakes toasted with butter on.
  10. I wanted to be on access to keyboard before I replied to this fully as there are number of points. As said, I am not picking holes - it is your company policy after all but I do wonder, to be honest, if the reasons you are stating you are rejecting the non-EU citizens are correct. You state that the jobs are the "lowest of the low" - I appreciate that in the scale of an IT graduate that might be the case - the average entry wage for IT graduates is circa £23,000 which is above the minimum salary set by the UK Government for applications for a Tier 2 General visa. It is the process behind this that I am struggling with. You state you are a small company - the threshold is turnover of £6.5 million (not £5 million as you stated) or less than 50 employees. I would suggest that if the minimum wage you are paying is £20,800 then you will not have many more than 50 employees if your turnover is less than £6.5 million (unless you are working to some stupid incredibly tight margins which I know IT companies do not work to!!). So the process is - you become a sponsor (presumably Grade A sponsor), pays your monies and then you advertise a post for a minimum of 28 days (which you state is what the Agency does on your behalf). Remember you have to advertise the specific position (so I presume you have systems in place to check this because if you haven't, it is you that will be fined/your MD put potentially given a prison sentence and struck off). You will then go through an interview process at which you make a job offer. At this stage, the applicant, who is not an EU citizen, will apply for a Tier 2 General Visa, which will take a minimum of 3 weeks to get (but can take up to 3 months). They will need to ensure they have the criteria at their end (which you said you don't care about but includes minimum savings, can speak English etc). They also have to pay a fee which is two scales depending on if they are applying for up to 3 years or more than 3 years and also a Healthcare surcharge for each year that they wish the visa to run for. Some other points - if they don't have the savings to support (and if they bring their family they must also have savings) then you would have to advance them a minimum of £645 for the employee and for each family member. If they are working for another company then they will need to apply for a visa adjustment which can take longer - as well as serve their notice period. So, we are talking an absolute minimum of 8 weeks but realistically will take about 12 weeks. As a small company, you are telling me you can wait three months to employ "the lowest of the low" when there is a plentiful pool of EU citizens available? The person would have to be something special for you to wait and even if they were and you did, I would question whether that would be the correct position for them if it is the lowest of the low.. I am not doubting for one minute that when you advertise the role you receives loads of applications from both EU and none-EU citizens. I just doubt that the reason for rejection is because you want to give EU citizens a chance above none-EU. For a small business it is a real ball-ache to employ non-EU citizens (it is not easy for big business). Also, how many instances of this have occurred in the last couple of years? You have less than 50 employees, you would have to have some attrition rate for this to be a regular process........ None EU citizens formed the majority of immigrants last year despite this ball-ache. But without doubt the majority are high paid jobs into big business and public services for which it is worth going through the pain. The new immigration act that comes into force next month has made a number of changes that will make this even harder (including raising the wages threshold). As said, your policy but I cannot see how your reasons for rejecting is correct.
  11. Not trying to pick holes. I am saying that employing from outside the EU is not the simple process implied. IF the role is as junior as stated why would you want to spend over a month to recruit, pay the sponsorship fee, ensure the employee meets the sponsorship requirement (and from next April not be able to reclaim the apprentice levy) etc etc when there is a plentiful supply from within the EU. Think its worth saying as well that if they did use you as a stepping stone then they would have to go through the whole process again to obtain the other job. They would not be allowed to start the new job without an updated visa and it is currently taking between 6 and 9 months to process. They can apply for an interim visa but on Tier 2 general they are not granted often. Unlike Tier 2 sporting......
  12. So you are small business with a registered monitor on your books. You advertise for at least 28 days and show that person you are sponsoring is of a higher calibre than an EU citizen who has applied for the role. The onus being on the monitor to show they are complying with rules of visa (eg no other job and the job they are doing is exactly what the sponsorship and advertisement is for). They are in your books not the agency so you cannot blame them if it you cannot show this. That is a lot of work for a "junior" position.
  13. So if one student, then they have limited period after the end of their studies to find a position and they can work full time for that period (during term time it is a maximum of 20 hours per week). For a Tier 2 General you would be needed to sponsor them. This would mean confirming with the Home Office that job is a required skill for which there is no EU citizen available for the post and you would have to pay a considerable amount (and they would also!) to obtain the Visa. And there is a maximum length of stay. It is not an easy or cheap process. Also the wage offered must be above £20,800 per annum. I would suggest jobs like this are not the bottom of the bottom.
  14. Just out of interest, what Tier of visa were they holding for you to be able to employ them?
  15. Except we wouldn't be. The 1973 act is still in place. It may be a troll but it is covered over a number of pages of this thread.
  16. Just because they don't shout, doesn't mean they don't vote. They sit, they listen and they put the X in the box. Just because you shout the loudest doesn't mean that you are right.
  17. It was due to the referendum announcement combined with a statement from the ECB regarding quantative easing. Combination of the two drove the pound down. Take a look at the 5/10 year charts. You will see we are at the 2013 rates with worse to come.
  18. Think it may have swung a few people the other way in Liverpool.
  19. And as I have said before, the supply chain also has to comply.
  20. Are you trading in local currencies, or Euro and Dollar? Surely it would depend on the margins you are working to? Based on your figures, you are adding 4% to the cost of 16% of your sales which on the scale of things is not huge and if the pound weakens by between 1 and 2% (it has gone down 6% against the Euro in the past month) then this will counteract that. That is on the presumption that the market will not be smaller due to the recession that will happen. I would be more concerned on your purchases (which is probably why your procurement manager has been in Turkey and your MD is pooping his pants). The weakened pound will not only increase your direct costs (a fall to around 1.15* against the Euro is around 21% less than it was a year ago) putting these up, which with the tariffs as well will mean an overall cost increase of something like 9% (based on a 4% tariff), your indirect costs will also increase as cost of fuel and other things traded against a weakend pound/dollar. Even for a company like yours you could be talking 15%+ being added to your cost base. Appreciate you already allow 10% or so for currency conversion but you will have no wiggle room. Not sure at bottom line level what your working to (rather than gross) but to cover 15% will take some doing. Obviously, don't know your sales and costs figures so these are estimates but I bet I am not too far away. *The last time we were at this level was 2008-2013. I think you should be budgeting at those levels but the rest of the world has moved on since then, remember!
  21. Oh no. The Turks are joining the EU argument is starting again
  22. There's not only the spare parts side of manufacturing. For the service industries, they also have to show, for instance, that their back office contracts are compliant (corporate governance and all that). It is much more than the 7% that trade directly.
  23. What about the supply chain to those companies. Wouldn't they also have to comply? If a company is ISO regulated (which many will be to trade with the EU) then they would also have show that their own suppliers are meeting standards. The impact is much higher than 7%.
  24. Be interesting to see what Mark Carney and the BoE have to say on Thursday with the latest interest rate information. Forecast is the interest rates may need to come down because of the state of the economy and even if we remain in the EU it will be 2020 before we see any sort of rise. If we Brexit then it will be even longer. Fantastic news for all those pensioners with savings who will be voting out.
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