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  1. The walk/cycle route has been closed for sometime now, why and when will it re open
  2. I'm involved with a small charity: we're a community allotment project that caters for adults with learning difficulty and we are seeking a volunteer to co-ordinate others within the group and we thought it might be suitable for some one who have disabilities but are of course otherwise well. Has any one any suggestions as to how we may go about recruiting someone?
  3. The one at Job lot is now not there, is any in the S5/S6 area ?
  4. Problem is searching, the Chinese don't like google nor can I download apps from playstore was hoping someone does a rebranding service
  5. I recent bought a Huawei Honor 9 lite mobile phone from china therefore the default language is Chinese although I've set it to English I therefore need to get it rebranded. Is there anywhere in Sheffield that does this service
  6. The Ecclesall site has two taps one at entrance to the gate by the topiary train and the other at the top along the top pathway.
  7. I have an old hp lazer jet printer it was a good model in its time and has served me well, it's now developed a fault which tells me the paper tray is empty when it clearly isn't. Is there anybody that fixes them in the north Sheffield area ? ---------- Post added 24-10-2015 at 12:48 ---------- No one got any suggestions then
  8. I would like to advertise our allotment project in the S5 & S35 areas ie Firthpark, shirgreen, parsons cross & ecclesfield via the notice boards in those areas. So if you know the whereabouts of any & who is responsible for them that would be most useful.
  9. Once upon a time there use to be a product called "cutless" which could be sprayed on privet hedges that then slowed down the growth and lessened the need for trimming the hedges. This isn't available now anyone know of a good alternative /
  10. The more people that sign up the better the deal
  11. It would be good if a few more would sign up to the big Sheffield switch there's only a week a so left, I got a decent deal on my gas & electric last year
  12. There is the Hope community allotments based on the High Wincobank allotment site I,ll pm you the contact details
  13. Is there anywhere I could get my car engine steam cleaned to find the oil leaks in the Sheffield S5, S6 areas
  14. It does sound like an excellent project lets hope you get a few volunteers I'll certainly spread the word
  15. Did you ever find an interesting volunteering opportunity
  16. Where exactly I drive on Hartley brook road every day and can't remember ever seeing any
  17. I have a relatively old but good dell laser printer, which at the moment is giving me an error message which tells me the paper tray is empty when it isn't Is there anyone in S5, S6 areas that could fix the problem ?
  18. Looking for manure to be delivered to the High Wincobank allotment site near firth park
  19. Does anyone know where I might seek some decent pictures of the old windmill that was sited towards the end of windmill lane next to the allotments
  20. Anyone know where I can get one of these tomorrow in sheffield
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