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  1. That's my uncle, I've not seen him for 30 odd years
  2. Hi, my mothers side of the family are all Damms, there were 7 siblings altogether. They lived (and some still do) at Parson Cross. Wendy & Arnold are my Aunt & Uncle. I've tried to trace the family tree back but didn't get too far but know they lived in Apple Street prior to moving to the "cross"
  3. Hi diggerdigger & Steve 122. I worked in the paintshop but when a second hand digger was sold Mick Elrick and I used to work until 2 or 3 in the morning repainting it so Bob Neal could take it to wherever. I can also remember cleaning Harold Taylors' car (inside & out), ankle deep in fag ash. I left in 1976 but remember Glyn Bell having a nasty accident in his escort van. It's sad to hear some of the chaps have passed on. People I can remember who you've not mentioned - Ian Titterton, Roy Creane, Dave & Phil Bratley, Dave Pratt, Albert Hoult, Barry Holt, Ray Walker, Cyril Jackson, Spud, Eric ? (PDI department), Harold Chapman, Graham Brunt (McGill), the rest I can remember the faces but not the names.
  4. It was more or less opposite Highton Street, a bit further on from Lentons fruit & veg, I remember buying sasparilla.
  5. Hi Bullerboy Sorry to hear about John Vessey, I suppose quite a few of the lads who worked there will nearly be in their 80's by now. Stan Haywood used to show budgies (or canaries), He had Des Walker and one of the chippies make the show cages, and I usually had to paint them, he had allsorts going on there. Did you work in the garage or the coachworks?
  6. Hi Godders, I remember your Dad very well, sad to hear he passed away, I saw him a couple of times after the place shut down, wasn't he in the Bolsterstone Choir? I remember John Kitson, Danny Wright, Len 'Tiger' Mitchell, Derek Gascoigne, Albert Maw, Eddie Ackroyd, Hedley Slack, Des Walker, Ernie Mace, John Vessey, Steve Bellamy, Dick Ellin, Steve Horsfall, Dean Ryan, Karl Spottswood, Mark Battersby, Frank Lindsey, Frank Wilson to name a few ---------- Post added 14-12-2012 at 17:03 ---------- I was the young fresh faced (long haired) lad out of the Paintshop (without the beard). I remember the episode with the acetylene bomb, that was Christmas time, a lad called Trevor Barnes filled a balloon with acetylene gas & tied a piece of string to it and lit it, it went out originally so he went back and lit a short piece which went up, as I remember it sent him deaf for a while. Such fun. How is your brother Andy?
  7. I worked at T C H Shepcote from 1971 to 1976, Did John Thackery drive a green MGB GT?
  8. Is your name Adrian? I remember Brian & George in the stores I can remember some of the lads out of the garage. Chitts, Podge, Dougal, Jimmy Tadpole, Yank, Ray Parkinson, and the auto electrician Gary. I worked in the Paintshop with Dave Pratt, Andy Morton, Dick Ellin & Steve Bellamy Do you remember the Truck drivers Gilbert & Cliff & the sweepers Joe and Ernie? ---------- Post added 13-12-2012 at 20:10 ---------- The boss's name was Stan Haywood, he was a character, his past caught up with him, he left under a cloud, the place wasn't the same after Kennings lost the Leyland dealership.
  9. Jumping on and off the old open back buses between stops
  10. I can remember Sidalls off licence next door to the bath hotel pub bottom of Whitehouse rd. There was ashfords shop on Burgoyne rd (post office?), I also remember the sweet shop on the corner of burgoyne and elton st opposite the school. There were numerous shops i'm struggling to remember near the bottom, the only one I remember was Windleys funeral directors (only because I was in the same class as Mick Windley) Happy days
  11. I was born in Camm st, moved to Hoole st, went to Burgoyne rd school (as was), until we moved away in 1966
  12. Hi Mike, I used to work for T C Harrison in the early 70's, we used to paint Fletchers vans, cream & red with a coat of varnish to finish off, I can remember seeing them about after the late 70's
  13. The rugs were called 'redicut' apparently you can still buy them
  14. Hi Darnex, Reading your post reminded me of my experience in 1978 with D C Cook on London Rd, I was lucky, I traded my CB550 Four in against a CB750F2 and ended up getting more than I paid for it! It was a T reg about 10 months old, metallic blue, it had it's foibles like all bikes, but I thought it was a thoroughly decent bike, and like you I now regret getting rid of it. As for Bill Beevers, I found him quite a nice bloke, he always had time for a chat and if he couldn't help you he always knew someone who could. The only bike shop I thought were rip off artists were Grays on West St, always ready to fleece an unsuspecting young lad.
  15. Hi jcelli, I remember it taking place @ 1966-1967 ish, William Press were the contractors as I remember, they were operating out of Wincobank gas works.
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