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  1. Dogs should be kept away from food,I dont want a smelly dog near me when im eating,simple as.
  2. Lets assume the white flight is a reality,what good will it do? as the saying goes you can run but you cant hide.
  3. Yes its murder,you ought to be sentenced to life.
  4. None of that would stop people voting for you and you know it,face it you dont have the votes and never will. The most you can do is win the occasional council seat and then most of the time lose it when you have to defend it,pathetic really.
  5. Some people are just selfish sods,I have the same trouble,its stressful and not acceptable.
  6. I would ask libertyboy this question I beleive the white british are going to become a minority within 60 yrs, this was in the times and the guardian so why is it the BNP dont get mass white votes if the people were so concerned about this? The truth is the voters dont care enough to give you the votes you need to change it,so you might as well just accept it. The average briton is very tolerant and as long as they have a good standard of living they aint going to vote BNP in enough numbers,thats the truth and you know it.
  7. I wonder why the lib dems and the greens didnt stand any candidates? Mind you the libs dont know if there coming or going right now.
  8. I have to admit that the poles and others from the former soviet block tell it how it is and have now quams about upsetting some people,well good luck to em. But now they are in the EU you can expect the establishment to put pressure on them to toe the liberal marxist line.
  9. I think another poster uses that word,rich I beleive,or maybe he just likes to copy J P.
  10. Admitted its a good result but if the BNP cant beat this labour lot after they've in power 10 yrs then they might as well go home.
  11. so you KNOW for sure this guy is a mugger? was he arrested or charged? or is it hearsay on your part.
  12. Its very sad that a young man who was a churchgoer is killed for no apparent reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/Boy-shot-dead-34was-churchgoer34.3390222.jp
  13. Too right she is sexy,she makes cooking worth watching.
  14. Will the BNP people answer post 587 or dont they have a policy on this? Oh and looking at the history of the BNP they do seem to leave many prominent members in the proverbial when it comes to backing them up. Take Angie Clarke the Keighley councillor who left the Party due to the lack of support she says was not forthcoming when she needed it the most. Then there is Sharon Eubanks who was alegledly promised money for her court case,turns out they would not help her and she left to start another party. More close to home there was Roy James who was a organiser who was sacked for being in the Party,the BNP left him in the **** as well didnt they,those who stand up for this nasty little party ought to realise that when push comes to shove they will be left in the lurch like the above.
  15. Does the BNP beleive in screening all immigrants who come here or just certain countries?I would go along with screening if its EVERYONE and not just third world countries,does the BNP plan to do this?
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