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  1. My uncle,Arthur Glasby,worked at Sandersons for many a year, lived straight over the wall on Newhall road.
  2. Nellie and Alice Palfreyman lived on Southey Hill, Nellie had a daughter,Mora,who had two sons,Peter and David Payling. I don't know if it's any help,or even the same family,but posted,just in case.
  3. Yes,the Rev. Don Sparkes daughter...Alison, I think.
  4. Didn't live up there,but hung around with 3 girls from there ,back in 72/3, one, Hilary Page, lived on Birley Spa Lane. The other 2 girls were sisters, Karen and ,I think,Lynn. We used to meet every Saturday morning at Sheaf Valley baths, hanging around Pond Street and at the back of the old Top Rank / Fiesta buildings, then,one Saturday, they didn't turn up,and we never saw them again..... I've often wondered what became of them. ---------- Post added 02-10-2017 at 23:14 ---------- Isn't David "Sam"? Bob is the tattooist,last known to be in Worksop, I knew him from the fairground in the late 70's, early 80's.
  5. Vision...used to think the intro sounded like fade to grey, I didn't realise it was released so long ago.
  6. We went in Bargain Buys today, young lass on the till was near to tears,telling us it was closing.
  7. During my years as a carer for the elderly, the legend of the Fowler brothers often came into conversation, most maintained the brothers innocence. However, one thing never mentioned before, came up twice,years apart,by 2 different people. Both men mentioned Plommer being hit over the head with a child's scooter, prior to being stabbed. Neither of the men knew each other, one being married with a small child, the other a child when it happened, but both told similar stories 20 years apart.
  8. It was Sod's law for me Daven, every night previous , I'd parked away from the area supposedly being resurfaced... The one time I didn't, work started the next morning.
  9. We had all this a few weeks ago,the signs were up for a week,giving the dates , but no work carried out. On the first night I ignored it and parked up, I had the workmen knocking me up the next morning, asking if it was my car, and could I move it as parking services had just turned up..... They( parking services) wouldn't give me time to get my trousers on, I had to go out and move the car in just my boxers, and walk back ,barefoot and boxer shorted from 2 streets away, much to the amusement of passing motorists and pedestrians....
  10. walked into that one,Jane... How's you. Bumped into your Stewart in Asda last week. ---------- Post added 09-11-2016 at 11:47 ---------- :hihi: medallion man....
  11. Medallion man from the old Travellers and Gate??? Sorry to hear about John, he was a couple of year older than me at school, big mates with Eddie Fowler.
  12. If it's " young" Barry Ashton , he died some years ago.
  13. The Glasby family are my relatives, who have you forgot to mention?
  14. No, but he is here,sending a private message to explain.
  15. 76, big fella, that's the year we left.. Ned Needham and a few others are up for a get together...
  16. Now then big fella, how are u? Be nice to catch up,,, long time since old Roebuck's class,
  17. I knew Hawkeye. I was in the same class as his sister, Diane, I also know Tony Dunwell, lived in Adlington road. Some Benson s lived over the gardens from us,Terry ,Kath,Tony and Michael.
  18. So sorry to hear, I was talking to Daz when the little un was a mascot at the Lane last season...
  19. My Mother was brought up on Colliers Row ,the Wragg family.
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