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  1. Thank you all for your feedback. I really appreciate it. Thank you Catpus. It is not a family member. I cannot go down the harrassment route they have classed it as public order. Police are still looking into it & not spoken to the person who has made the threats *rollseyes*. I am scared senseless & have little help or support from the law.
  2. Hopefully it would stop this person from contacting me & continuing making these threats which = making me fearful & intimidated. But many thanks for your useful input I guess you have never been threatened before
  3. Hopefully it will ban the person/s & keep them away from me? I thought that was the purpose of the injuction.
  4. I tried Howells & Taylor-Smith & both were not helpful at all. Very dismissve. Thanks for the link. ---------- Post added 06-03-2013 at 00:11 ---------- The police are involved. I cannot say further on here. Having a injuction would give me reassurance & peace because at the moment I am fearful.
  5. I would be very grateful if anyone can help/advice on how to get an injuction on someone who is making threats to harm/kill? I have called the solicitors but they have not been helpful at all. Thanks in advance.
  6. I recently visited Ponsford's, It was a work issue. Not sure why, but I was slightly nervous about going their but that faded away as I stepped in the place & was met by their lovely staff. Some "store"s (gawd, knows why, we live in Sheffield !?!) can be very snooty & fake & make you feel not welcome however I was really impressed by how welcoming, friendly & nice the staff that I was met by at Pondsford were. I got to meet the Mcdaddy of the organisation Mr Pondsford himself & again he was very nice, charming, polite & friendly. I just wished my bank balance would match their prices. I can understand why people buy from them, I would if I could
  7. Mission Impossinle 4 10/10..............Tom Cruise in those tight trousers....Yes please #funnythoughts
  8. Akbars has gone down hill from the nasty food to the rude staff that work their. It seems as soon as you are in the door & youhave sat down they want you out of the door again. My friends & I have not been back to that dive for a while & this is coming from someone who went their two to three times a week & am in no rush to go back either . I knew most of the staff including the management but like I have said what is the point of going to a place where the service & proffesionalism is 0- Aagrah all the way for me & my friends. A added bonus the food is 10/10
  9. --------------------------------------
  10. I have more than you. According to you Duwayne Brooks was not even a witness or whatever you implied . I do not want to play tit for tat on something serious. I will leave that to you. I am surprised the DailyMail labelled them given their history. Why would it please me don't be so immature. I don't take pleasure on issues as serious as this unlike you who clearly does Like I said previously they could have sued but have not to date...Mmmm I wonder why
  11. I forgot to add. A newpaper I have forgot which one I maybe wrong but the DailyMail comes to mind labelled them as murderers & said they could sue if they were wrong. To date they have not sued.
  12. They killed a young man based on the colour of his skin. Let's not get it twisted. Next......FYI.....follow the case I was too young when the OJ case happened. I won't make judgement until I have researched the case .
  13. Lol.....I would suggest you follow the case. He was there when these tramps shouted the N word at them & then converged at Stephen. Duwayne Brooks has given evidence saying that he was chased by one of the tramps whilst Stephen was set upon by one of the leaders of the group. He went onto describe how he had a weapon on him that he described as something shiny & he used this on Stephen. He also witnessed another man set upon Stephen & use a metal bar to hit Stephen on the head.......Clearly Mr Brooks did not witness anything! Jeeez
  14. I would base the fact that Stephen's (RIP) friend Duwayne Brooks was there on the tragic night when he witnessed his childhood friend being killed by these vulchers is enough rather than the above. Also given the new evidence with the case (DNA). 18 years of suffering for the Lawerence family is far too much. I hope they get some peace when these scum are locked up for good.
  15. OMG...............My eyes have gone square! They were fabo.
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