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  1. You could try Tilleys magazines http://tilleysmagazines.com/ on shoreham street
  2. Hiya, do you mean the Sharrow Vale market day? If so then it is this Sunday, I think its 12-4
  3. I can't find any posts about this - From an email my colleague got, she is a mum to children there: Notre Dame is holding its first car boot sale on Sunday May 15th at 12.00. Please come along and support the event. All the funds raised go back to your children in the form of different activities! Booters can park on site at a cost of £6 from 10.00am. Buyers can park outside on the road. Looking forward to seeing you! I think I am going to give this one a go. Its near me and its later in the day! Surely I can make my £6 back!
  4. Excellent, I saw that in a recipe the other day and wondered whereon earth I'd find it!
  5. My boyfriend is 28 and started his first year at Hallam this year, he is doing fine, friendly with and working on coursework with people aged 18-32 on his course, he says there is a difference between him and the young'uns but he isn't treated like an outsider at all. he is doing really well, flourishing, he always said he hated school and he hated education but now he is loving it and doing brilliantly as a result. Not so fun juggling it with part time work though!
  6. We collect them at work to send to charity, choosing different ones each time. Here's a link to some addresses - I sent the last lot to DHIVERSE http://www.wasteconnect.co.uk/page.aspx?ID=515873fe-cbe5-408b-9050-c9d16a32c6dc
  7. For me, I feel that the weather helped those who tried to steal my car last night decide that it would be a good time to attack: when it was so noisy they wouldn't get caught. Now I'm left to pick up the pieces and repair the damage theyve done
  8. Hiya, I'm in similar boat really, I have been here nearly 4 years but you can never have too many friends! I'm 25, in a relationship but spend a lot of time with my boyfriend and our male friends, I'm starting to worry I'm becoming a ladette! I have female friends but we have different sorts of jobs which don't always mean they are free at the same time as me- I'm a 9-5er! Lescar pub quiz is on Tuesdays and Cavendish quiz on Sundays I think! Might try and come to the Graduate this Sunday as long as I am confident I can stay on the wagon - (N.B. Don't have drinking problem, just trying to have a healthy January!)
  9. When I was 15 I worked on a wednesday night serving tea and coffee and washing up at a bridge club- we got £7 each which seemed to last us all week (only 10 years ago)! My sister, now 19, worked at a hairdressers when she was 13 and then a garden centre til she was old enough to get a job at waitrose
  10. I went to Frankfurt last year with my boyfriend. Its a lovely City, but I booked a cheapo ryanair flight and a seperate cheap hotel, so I can't help with tour operators! Tried alpharooms? They're sheffield based and might be able to help
  11. Edit: Apologies for resurrecting an old thread by the way, just wanted to get my thoughts across somewhere!
  12. For a while now, I have thought that too many young people go to uni because they feel they should and pick any old subject, and I have toyed with the idea that a gap year should be compulsory to make school-leavers consider their options more careful, whether they actually need to go to university at all and what they really want to study. I think if I had had a year or two out I could have made very different choices. I think the changes will force people to make this move. I have just started working for UofS in an administrative role and the future in terms of how students will react is as yet very much unknown, but I do hope that people continue to come to university, to keep me in my job! All university now need to a lot of work to prove further they can offer a good value education, because for many students the emphasis will now be on value for money in terms of hours and teaching, not the nightlife of a city (which ideally decisions should have been based on anyway). I think its going to change the student dynamic hugely, theyre all going to have to be a lot more serious about their studies. Perhaps shorter degree programmes may come of this. For many courses, the first year does not count to the final degree mark, it is just an exercise to get everyone working at the same level. However, to have met the entry requirements, shouldn't they be working to the same level when they started anyway? Perhaps degrees will be squeeze into two years, or the first year actually count for something across all courses.
  13. Craft Candy fairs showcase the finest contemporary craftware this country has to offer. Sheffield’s world class Millennium Gallery is the setting for this event, bringing talented makers and designers from as far away as London. Spring Fling 2010 and Candy Floss 2010 brought in over 1200 customers, with 30+ stalls to browse. We take our fairs selection very seriously and endeavour to get the perfect mix of different mediums. Now recruiting stallholders for our Christmas Candy Cane fair, on 27th November, we are extending this invitation to apply to all of you! Please visit http://www.craft-candy.org/fairs for more details and to apply.
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