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  1. nationalist

    Speed cameras on 20 MPH roads

    if it gets rid of the speed humps does me there recking our cars
  2. nationalist

    Gothic weekend in whitby

    whats whitby like to live there especially in the winter
  3. nationalist

    Advice on cleaning kitchen!

    if it were that bad i would have got a plasterer in
  4. nationalist

    The all things BNP thread.

    nether do i do you:roll:
  5. nationalist

    The all things BNP thread.

    explicit porn what kind of prude are you
  6. nationalist

    The all things BNP thread.

    which reminded me of a joke form another forum http://www.motorhomefacts.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=316712#316712 ,
  7. nationalist

    Baby showers?

    i agree its just another way to tax your friends and relatives like Christmas
  8. nationalist

    The all things BNP thread.

    i have not expressed any view of said relationships you have a tendency to read things as you see them not as they are
  9. nationalist

    Baby showers?

    you mean like trick o treating
  10. nationalist

    The all things BNP thread.

    theres a thread about inciting hatred at homosexuals but yet its ok for all the lefties on here to incite hatred for the bnp should anyone be aloud to incite hatred of anyone ?
  11. not read through but i think it would depend on how much of a danger they were to others
  12. nationalist

    Talking like Ali G

    thats what they call a chav in a coffin
  13. nationalist

    The all things BNP thread.

    off course hate crimes are wrong thats why they are crimes
  14. nationalist

    The all things BNP thread.

    hes not asked me them questions he asked members of the bnp im not a member of the bnp i very rarely vote never mind be a member but i might vote this time round for bnp just for the imagination policy (look mar no punctuation)

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