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  1. Hi all, thanks for a lovely final Book Club Meeting, it was the first of alot of "lasts" to come. As discussed I am having a going away pub crawl on Saturday the 24th of January. It is a costume event with the theme being British. Come as anything you think a British Icon or Institute..or hey just come as a celebrity. Please note: anyone appearing as themselves will be booed and spat on hahaha. Only joking I understand that some may just want to pop in for a quick drink. The plan of action is to start at The Walkabout Pub on Carver Street (in between Division and West) at 3pm. By about 5/5.30pm the plan then is to be at The Graduate Pub (Surrey Street, opp The Central Library). Afterwards those still standing will head down to Affinity bar (Campo Lane) before ending the night at Dempseys. I myself will be in a Dick Van Dyke circa Mary Poppins Chimney Sweep get up. No big if people can't make it, I imagine I will not have the best motor skills after the first couple pints hahaha. PM me for my mobile number if you would like. Thanks for such a great 15 months of literature sharing and just plain good company. I am sure I will be on the forum sporadically to give my opinions on your readings hahaha. Best wishes, Mocca
  2. Hope you are feeling better Pupster...sick at Chritsmas is a bit of a downer. I will be in the same boat as you though, I can barely remember most of the characters' names already hahaha. See y'all soon.
  3. Hope everyone has had a fab Holiday season. Am actually just about to finish Northern Clemency (only about 10 pages to go). See you all in 2009. Happy New Year!!!
  4. Hi guys, just letting you know that I bumped into Margaret last night and she confirmed that yes, the book she was talking about is The Northern Clemency. She still can't log on to the forum as herself though.
  5. hahaha, have just placed a hold on it through the library, I am 66th in line to get it. Hope everyone before me are speed readers. See y'all in December.
  6. My thoughts exactly pupster, I also didn't like the narrative written from the perspective of a female when the writer was clearly a man. It was a bit too "oprah book club" for me obviously written at a very basic level for people who have no real concept of what it would have been like for a woman in those/these times but blatantly trying to cash in on the current climate.
  7. hahaha Code13, couldn't agree more. See y'all on wednesday.
  8. Things like Henderson's would be fine to take over as they have been treated and packed in sterile conditions that would live up to border standards. being from Australia myself, I have sent back to my family lots of Sheffield Steel items, taken some lovely photos of the peaks and placed them in sheffield steel frames (with the sheffield stamp clearly visible of course) Good luck and enjoy the heat!!
  9. Loved it, loved it, loved it. See you all on Wednesday.
  10. Hahaha, brilliant. Just sent my order out to the cosmos; let's see if it works.
  11. Oh dear God!! Was just on a cinema website and they have made The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas into a film!! So I am guessing movie studios have decided to COMPLETELY give up on producing new ideas?!?!
  12. I think everyone enjoyed Notes on an Exhibition but I think there was more debate on the relevance of certain characters and how large a part they played in the novel compared to whether we liked the writing style/storyline.
  13. Sorry, it's Wednesday the 3rd of SEPTEMBER for the next meeting.
  14. G'day Ron, yep I muscled in my fave (sorry) as I think that will be my last meeting before I am shipped out of the country, boooo!! Just on a personal note though Book Groupers, I am having a few birthday drinks at The West End on Glossop Road this Saturday (the 2nd of August) from about 1.30pm to 4ish before heading to the Uni for Viva Climax, you're all welcome to come along and join me for a few libations otherwise I will see you next week.
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