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  1. No because previous threads have mentioned raves on the canal basin but my question is does anyone KNOW exactly where it happens as heresay is not very reliable.
  2. Is anyone else awake after not sleeping all night again because of the loud music coming from somewhere around attercliffe/don valley area!? It's still going on now, does anyone know exactly where it is??
  3. Really? Do they have them there?? Well it's still pounding now (bit like my head!!) so no, I won't be heading over as I DEF wouldn't enjoy it at the mo!! :-/
  4. Does anybody know where the hell the music has been coming from all night (and still is going!!) somewhere near don valley? It's been pounding through the night but sounds like the same beat over and over (ie there's no actual singing)
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a polo shirt and a fleece embroided (or printed as a last resort) with text in Sheffield?? Needing it asap, can provide the tshirt and fleece or will purchase from whoever can do it. Wanting it asap please (pressie) !!!!!!!
  6. MC Spyda????!!! what kind of response is that?? if you have no significant or helpful thing to say, then stay silent. Lets just hope your parents/family aren't affected by this 'scum' some day?? The items stolen were previously taken over 6 months ago (they had been in the gardne for over 30 years) so this time they were buried 4' into the ground and cemented!! How the bloody hell are they doing it?? This needs to stop everywhere.
  7. Just dont want parents harrassed so not sure if I should do that, just want them to feel bad about doing it but I suppose thats expecting them to have some kind of conscience isnt it????!!!
  8. I would just like to thank the scum who keep pinching ornaments etc from my parents garden in S5, they are pensioners so you should be really proud of yourselves, especially as we have you on camera and we now know who you are!! Did you have a good time with the metal poles and gripper rods?? I really hope you didnt hurt yourselves:hihi: Anyone else had problems with this kind of lowlife???
  9. Can anyon let me know where the best place to buy GHD's is please?? My old faithfulls have finally failed me after 9 years so I desp need to buy some new ones asap!!! Any bargains anyone knows of or do you run a shop where they are on offer or anything?? Please le me know asap Thanks Donna:thumbsup:
  10. Hi Can someone please point me in the right direction (with their own personal experience if possible) of where I can train to do Gel and Acrylic nails training asap that wont cost the earth and wont take over 8 months?? I have been looking for a while and emailed a few places but received no replies!! I am willing to learn and have been buying my kit for quite a while now so am keen to get cracking. Thanks Donna
  11. My M&D are still on Norwood Avenue!! Been there 30 years!!
  12. Looking for classes anyone could recommend for tai chi or pilates? Cheap and in Sheffield???
  13. I live in wincobank, anyone know of tai chi classes close by?
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