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  1. Hi chrisoffbeat

    This is a drive a friend of mine does nearly every week and as done so for the past 5years. he takes the M1 north A1 A66 at scotch corner M6 M74 M8 towards Glasgow centre keep on the M8 past Glasgow airport M898 over the Erskine Bridge A898 A82 along side Lomand remember to turn right at Tarbet keeping on the A82 at Crianlarich turn left still on the A82 at Tyndrum (green wellie shop) keep on the A82 right fork (left goes to Oban) this will take you to Glen Coe and Fort William. enjoy

  2. Hi all

    should be along on this walk and have room if anyone needs a lift.

    Canada girl, the walk can be found on the web but but it's a little awkward to locate, but if you do come along the last 4 miles is along the Tissington trail so if you are too tired to continue its an easy thing to wait around and I would come back and pick you up. It would be a pity to miss this walk as the scenery is great, even if you decide to just have a stroll around Tissington.

  3. Hi

    you walked up Foulstone Delf (Spelling?????) and onto Derwent Edge, if you had turned right you would have walked to Back Tor trig point and the Lost Lad sited below. If you had carried on walking from the trig point you may have finished up with more than a few problems due to the ground conditions. It's proberbly a good thing you turned left, but you can do a circular walk from Fairholmes car park or a linear walk from the Cut Throat Bridge.

  4. Hi Alcoblog

    I contacted you, and do believe me the people in the group don't bite, but the only way to find this out is to give it a try. I do realize that it's harder to implement than it is for me to just type this out, but do give it a try.

  5. Hi Eclair

    just the mention of Rivelin as made me turn to drink, last Wednesday I went for a walk around there and had quite an exspensive accident. Because of pride I won't put all the facts on an open forum, but if anyone saw me I'm sure they are still laughing or they may have had an accident through the laughter.

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