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  1. This sounds like a brilliant idea and I would love to come along, you never know after all these years living in Sheffield I may learn a little about it's past.
  2. At my age pal I have done it all and anything else is not worth doing.
  3. Sorry Lohtse forgot to mention your name
  4. Are you sure you have leave from Tracey Island on a Friday night.
  5. Well done, I'm so pleased for you, now you could be quite smug and say well it's easy really, even though we know it's not.
  6. Hi all sorry I could not join you at the pub to-day but I have to second what as already been said about to-days walk. Once again there was laughs in abundance, and plenty of good humoured banter, also one young lady who kept bursting out into song but did this cause or clear away the slightly dampish weather. Once again thanks to all for a real good day out.
  7. scoobz, you are right about the ale but as for the after effects I have put the blame on the whisky I drank when I got home.
  8. Don't forget the extra pairs of socks. Good luck and enjoy
  9. This sounds good I shall have to make the effort, looking at historical ale houses around the Kelham Island area appears to be very educational.
  10. Hi cat, Iv'e been told to put it away many times but now i'm at the age that I can't remember why I got it out in the first place. I'm talking about the car out of the garage.
  11. I forgot scoobz when do I report for my first cookery class, I told Margaret when I got home she is still laughing.
  12. Hi all I must second what scoobz as said about the atmosphere on todays walk, it was tremendous, for me it was what walking should be fun and laughter. So a big thank you to all, for making the day so bloody good, thanks. Oh and the route was also very good..
  13. I should be along on this walk, I know it's late but will have spare places in the car.
  14. Hi AO If you want some good warm up walks get in touch, I'm sure I could set you some. Oh by the way my quickest time around the 3 peaks was 6hrs 15 mins, when I had reached the ripe old age of 40 in 1985 a lot older than you are now. Believe me it was not easy, it's not the distance but the accent and decent does take it's toll.
  15. Hi The car park is approximatly 50mtrs give or take a few yards above Millersdale on the road to WORMHILL. If coming in from Tideswell you turn right after passing under the old railway bridge, just follow the sign for Wormhill. As you come from Matlock you will possibly go through Bakewell and Taddington on the A6, turn right after the Pub down towards Blackwell B6049, this road is a downhill with a few sharp bends but as you enter Millersdale the car park is on your left up the hill.
  16. Scoobz you are not too old, sensible yes
  17. Hi anyone who says that 24miles of a physical challenge, that is walking the three peaks is easy as to be a complete fool or as never actually done this walk. I have done the peaks quite a few times and believe me it's hard going, but doable My advice would be wear good boots/clothes and have a change of socks for each peak it's surprising what effect the new socks have on your feet. Back up is always a good idea, ststioned at the bridge and at the pub, this way you may be able to reduce the weight that you carry. Good luck and enjoy.
  18. What a brilliant piece of research cat, I have sat many many times where the dyke joins the Don and never knew or even thought that it was our dyke. Well done
  19. I will be along for this party, no transport problems for me on this one.
  20. Hi I will try and call in on Saturday having spent most of my childhood playing on Wincobank Hill along with every other kid from the area and yes my memories can go way back.
  21. Hi Jarvis I have done most routes onto Nevis but don't be fooled by the word TOURIST it can still be a serious walk depending on the weather conditions. The walk itself is not too bad but after the Red Burn the path does become more rocky so watch out for your ankles and toes and remember you are starting out from a sea loch so you do climb every foot of its height. Also do carry enough liquid as once again after the Red Burn you will not find any water even to use to cool down if it's hot?????. Technically no problems on this route but it is a hard slog but well worth doing, you never know after doing this you may want to go back and try another route. As to footwear iv'e seen people using this route wearing normal trainers or light weight shoes, carrying a poly bag with their food in but remember the top 100ft or so can be snow covered not at all times but its worth thinking about.
  22. Jarvis forgot to mention, CCC or the Outdoor Shop do seem to stock equipment which is from the previous years range and you can come across some real good bargins, I wouls also recommend a three season boot for Nevis.
  23. Hi Jarvis I would recommend a pair of Saloman boots complete with lace lock or Scarpa's. Neither pairs of boots are the at the cheaper end of the market but you do get what you pay for. I would suspect you are using the Tourist trail for the climb, so it's best to allow for the rocky zigzag path after you cross the red burn. Both makes of boot will give you ample ankle and toe protection for the condition that you will incur, also both makes are reasonably light in weight, and are usualy stocked by CCC.
  24. Hi all real good day, hey Bruno as I was reading your message the postman pushed through the letter box 1 58mm polarising filter coincidence or what.
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