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  1. Hi Hemlock,

    can't commit to Thursday's walk, as for the second time this week I have to be in Harrogate early tomorrow morning. If the so called en-power heating engineers don't succeed in getting my daughters heating boiler working I may have to stay over or go back again on Thursday. Bless their cotton socks they have failed up to now on 4 other visits so I'm not too confident on tomorrows outcome.

  2. Hi all

    I don't want to be involved in this debate???? but I have to say that a GOOD leader would not have needed to stop, he or she would have moderated the pace to keep ALL relatively close together.

    I also have to be sarcastic Keefy, you ask what dangers, look in the mirror you carried a map round your neck but had to ask me where you was! was you using it as a scarf.

    Oh and by the way this walk was by no means challenging but then in depends on your experience. To close this little post I find it disgusting for people to publish what I think are derogative comments because a man was worried about his wife's well being, especially a man who has taken such time effort and dedication to organise walks for so long.

    Also Keefy you did offer a water proof but as for the 2 or 3 offers to stay with the lady they only came surprisingly from the 2 most experienced people not from anyone else including you.

  3. Hi Sam

    if you can say where you parked your car or where you set out from (ie the snake pub or the snake summit) I'm sure your walk can be identified.

    The 2 most popular starts are the summit and access Kinder Scout via Mill Hill and Black Ashop.

    The Snake Inn for walking the north side of Kinder and back via the Snake Path.

  4. Hi

    don't want to be pedantic Mr pedantic, as scoobz has said the centre is about a mile and a half along this road but on the Left when travelling towards Glossop.

    Although Bleaklow as to be respected, especially in mist, don't forget it is the Pennine Way which I believe we follow up to Bleaklow Head which is well trodden route. I believe we then decend by the side of Black Clough, so in poor conditions route finding should not be too much of a problem. After all alot of shamblers are doing a night walk when I'm sure it can be difficult to route find.

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