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  1. Hi megalithic,

    I'm 65 years young this year, regarding your hobby, have you ever looked at a copy of The Modern Antiquarian written by Julian Cope. I have found this to be an excellent reference book on stone circles etc, but because it's quite expensive I don't own my own copy but I'm able to borrow one from a good friend.

  2. Hi megalithic,

    I must thank you for this thread as it's made me realise what I've missed out on over the past couple of years. So as I'm off up to Fort William this coming Saturday for a couple of weeks, we have decided to have a few days in the Cairngorms and walk the Lairig Ghru each way, giving a 2 night stop over. Although we will have tents ( I use a Vango Hurricane) we hope to stay in the Bothy at the Devils Point, if it's not full, should not be at this time of year. Staying in the Bothy can be a little more comfortable at this time of year, at least you don't have to crawl in the snow to access the tent.

    As for wild camping in Derbyshire I think my days of doing that are now long gone, but as I love Scotland that's a different thing. It's a feeling that I can't explain, but to wake up and go to the summit of any mountain at sunrise is just brilliant.

  3. Hi all

    never thought that a bit of truthful friendly advice which was meant for AO would cause a fuss and even warrant a response.

    I have wild camped on Kinder, Bleaklow and many more places in Derbyshire, Wales and Scotland where I took my leadership course. Stephen, I never mentioned legalities only said frowned upon, keep up the walking and camping.

  4. Hi megalitic

    not too concerned about legalities of wild camping just trying to help by stating that it's frowned upon. The information was intended for people who don't know, but the signs asking for people not to camp are there for a reason. It's only like asking people not to let dogs run free, we know that these signs are also ignored.

    AO if you get a chance for a short break in Scotland, go and walk the Lairig Ghru path with an overnight camp at the Devils Point, or stay more than one night and climb some of the tops around there. The length of stay could depend on the midges though. Once again megalithic I was only trying to be helpful to someone who I know, and would appreciate the information.

  5. Hi Hemlock,

    when you reach my age as you well know, each month seems the same, but you are right it's Jan 23rd. Although we also go again on the 28Th Feb, this retirement is real hard work, especially trying to remember holidays. Have a good walk tomorrow and say hello to Mr Hemlock.

  6. Hi AO

    just thought I would let you know that wild camping is frowned upon on Kinder Scout and the park rangers could ask you to move on. Now if you want to wild camp try doing a holiday in the Scottish Highlands, where it's o/k to camp anywhere within reason.

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