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  1. The car park runs parallel with the edge, with vehicles parking side by side on one side of the road only, and most weekends is very busy.
  2. I can only say what other people have said, brilliant well done.
  3. Hi Bankwood, yes it's the same Ray, he is the younger of the Hodkins.
  4. Hi Bankwood, Neil Tyrell is still around lives in Norton used to work with him at Powerminster.
  5. Ray Hodkin and his brother Bob if it's the same Ray still works for NG'S Bob does maintenance at Sheffield United, does anyone remember Dynamite (Brian Marriott).
  6. If anyone is planning a walking holiday in Scotland I would like to recommend the site, walkhighlands Scotland walks and accommodation. Well done on a useful site Hemlock
  7. Hi Pops, it would take more than a moutain bike to finish you off, OH are you sure you have the 4 and the 7 in the correct order.
  8. Hi Suzzie123, please pass on my regards to John, and hope he makes a speedy recovery.
  9. Hi litchy, sorry to hear about your Dad, as cat as already quoted, we went to school together please accept my condolences.
  10. Hi megalithic, thought about you the other day as I drove through Kilmartin and wondered if you have ever been there, as its such an interesting place especially for you.
  11. Hi all, sorry to have to report this, but after you all left the Cubley Hall today I noticed that someone had just thrown a bannana skin on the floor. This then had to be cleared away by a another, no wonder walking groups are not always welcomed at some establishments. I hope this does not offend, but please remove all litter wherever we stop for lunch please.
  12. Hi sheffsand, are you taking about Fred Manners, he used to live near Firth Park and his wife stabbed him. He also got a bit of money in compensation after a police car knocked him down.
  13. Hi Dommi, now that you are an old retired gimmer will you be allowed out for a drink one Friday night or any other night.
  14. The car park at Grenoside is called Wheater Wood and is on the old Wortley road
  15. Hi, if anyone is stuck for a larger backpack to use on a weekend or a weeks holiday, I am willing to lend them my jaguar 60 ltr with sa back system. The only time I ues it now is when I use the train to go up to Scotland.
  16. Hi mouseman, iv'e done this walk twice once with a group and once solo, and believe me it's not a little walk, any walk of 40 miles plus is not little. To be very honest a lot of advice is given out on this forum by people of very little experience, this includes walking routes and equipment, not just ment at you AO. The only advice I can give is, take at least 3 pairs of spare socks and use them, stick to the original route if possible, plenty of water and good planning plus route finding.
  17. Poncho's are fine but as you feared they can be troublesome in windy conditions. The other thing to do is to use two pieces and a rain cover for your backpack.
  18. Hi all, it looks like it's a day for doing a walk from home so I will be off up to Grenoside woods.
  19. Hi all, and a very happy birthday to cat, and yes I'm not that far behind you.
  20. Hi cat, it's getting close to THAT birthday, you know the one when you become a real old gimmer, not a young sprog like me.
  21. Hi AO will have to meet up one day and I could pass on a few good walks to you. I used to expand on recognised walks, for example, the walk up to Black Hill, I would turn off at the Ladder Rocks and go to Chew Reservoir along the Saddleworth Edges and then a route one across the moors to Black hill, along to Tooleyshaw Moor,Westend and back to Crowden, but it is reliant on using cars to get to the start.
  22. Hi AO, if you want a good challenging walk try doing the Marsden to Edale walk about 23miles or when you feel you are ready, try the Derwent Watershed, sometimes called the Bog Trotters. This one is quite an undertaking walk as it's about 42miles to be completed in 24 Hours quite doable for a young lad like you. ( most likley the same walk as Becky as mentioned).
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