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  1. Hi Gemini2

    Yes i'm one of the Fowlers from Rothay Road. Anne is fine, she lives in Ecclesfield not far from were I live, so I see her quite often especially in the Legion club on Fridays and Sundays. Wendy and Don both live in Stannington and I only see about once a year but they are both keeping well, I think.

  2. I remember my first day at Owler Lane Infants School, I was taken in through 1 door introduced to the teacher who I promptly kicked and ran out of the other door. I also remember my first visit to the barbers, once again as soon as he put the cape round my shoulders I stood up and gave him one good kick and ran off trying to look like batman, but I soon changed when I realized that all I got for doing these things was a good WALLOPING.

  3. Hi cat631

    Dave was parking his car opposite me down at Meadowhell when I first saw him but I could not put a name to the face at first, but then we both recognized each other. He lives quite close to where I live, see Hindy another Grimesthorpe lad living in Chapeltown along with Mick Martin and Dave Ellis who lived close to you on Birdwell Road.

  4. Walt

    the reason why I quote that the reports of my demise are greatly exagerated is that a Roger Fowler was reported to have died this year he was slightly younger than me but Margaret did receive quite a few nervous phone calls. I suppose I should have chosen the name of Grim Reaper and not Alligin. I did meet up with young John Crookes his sister Barbara and his Mum today who i'm sure you will remember. Nettiej as to working out people's names, I'm afraid old age, poverty and the lack of an active brain make this impossible but if we all meet up for a drink it could turn out to be a surprise.

  5. Hi Morty

    no the person who I have christened happy John is not your brother and even though i have been a member of the legion for approx 30 years I know very few of the people by name, I must be the shy retiring type.

    Nettiej it was easy for cat to suss me out as he knows my hobby and we grew up together just as it was easy to know who cat was after first seeing his logo. Your older brothers may know me but the Rawsons will as our yard backed up onto their's, the names Roger Fowler and yes once again the reports of my demise are greatly exagerated , as 2 Roger Fowler's lived in the same area the other one lived on Popple St at that time and was a bit younger than me, by the way I have no idea who most people are on this site.

  6. Johnpm

    I used to live at number 13 just where the telephone box was but I was born in number 15 but we moved straight after so we were the end house in the yard. My uncle used to be the manager at the co-op on Rothay Road and another uncle lived on Wincobank Lane next to the graveyard. One of my sisters also lived on Rothay Road at number 19 which was in the same yard as my parents house, another sister lived in the next yard at number 9, until she moved up to Skelworth Close where she stayed until she died some years ago. My niece still lives on the Beacon estate which I visited yesterday, as her son who goes to Ecclesfield School calls to my house for dinner and a lift home on Wednesdays. I did drive past my old home and your grandma's house on my way back, and although the houses have been slightly modernised not that much as changed in appearance but the atmosphere was not their and the culture as changed.

  7. Hello Ralph and all

    yes I have read Arkwrights memoirs and saw that I had been mentioned, I am awaiting the next episode. I'm sure I saw an old school friend of yours the other day infact she was a very close friend of yours as you used to sit next to her at school.

    Hindy you was right about being a Chap Lad??? infact a few Grimesthorpe people go into the Legion happy John who you know my sister and husband and Eddie Greenwood. I'm sure you would have guessed who I was given a little more time but you may have struggled with the name.

  8. You have done your homework Nettie, but the name is not Ben. I use the name of Alligin because it was the first mountain I climbed in Scotland many years ago, and yes it is a jewell. I am sure you will work out my name when I say that I had 3 sisters and a brother and that I know the Rawsons, John Hindemarch, Ralph Aspinall and many more.

    Most of these people are about my age group but I'm sure are a lot younger. Someone mentioned Jack Crookes who had the friut shop on Rothay Road, very saddly it is his funeral tomorrow he had reached the grand age of 94. Even with that sad news there is a further clue.

  9. I would not dream of asking for your age Nettie but you are right with all of your assumptions, and as I have known Brian Curl for longer than Hindy as I must be pretty old but not as old as some, come on Hindy I'm sure you can see past 1 red herring

    One member will know who I am when I say that my name is taken from a Scottish mountain in the Wester Ross region.

  10. Hi Nettiej

    I don't think it will take too long to suss me out at all as i spent many years in Grimesthorpe and know a few people on the site, the Rawsons for example. I came from a reasonably large family and all of us except one did the rounds of Owler Lane, Grimesthorpe and back to Owler Lane the exception went to the clever side of Owler Lane School not me. Time to go the Rugby is on TV.

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