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  1. Hi Gary, Don't know what happened to Bill Needham, he used to look after my MK 2 Cortina Lotus way back in 1968. I believe houses have been built where Coldwell was ?????.
  2. Hi Pops, they could be marker pegs to identify the route where the oxygen pipeline was installed from BOC to the steelworks at Stocksbridge.
  3. cat631 you speak with forked tongue, on Friday night you said you did not understand modern technology. After your last post I have to bow to your greater knowledge of this contraption in front of me, I had a headache Saturday morning your fault. Great post well done.
  4. My lasting memories of the City Hall are of two work mates, Bob Miles and Roy Furniss, both of them died of cancer after we rewired the asbestos riddled building not that many years ago. Of course the samples sent off for analysis came back negative so it was allegedly safe to work, funnythatwhen the latest revamp was done nobody was aloud to enter the areas we had worked in until all this alleged safe material was removed. Signs stating asbestos do not enter were placed on all entrances to the effected areas, and this material was removed by specialists. This material was around tha ducting supplying so called fresh air to the Oval Hall and all other areas, and could have been since the original constuction.
  5. Hi Brinny next to Dan Godfrey is Mick Martin, goalkeeper is Roy Butler and seated far right is Gerald Downing.
  6. Try using a midge net (hood) if nothing else it will give alot of people a laugh.
  7. Hi all, are the dates for the reunions being adhered to, infact will another reunion take place at all due to what appears to be a lrecent lack of interest.
  8. Hi all, The father of a lad I grew up with put his Bedford Shootingbrake on display in the Wicker Showrooms each year. It was a wooden bodied vehicle having 11/12 seats and believed to be a unique vehicle being the only one ever made. Wondered if anyone else can remember this I think this was in the 1950's.
  9. If anyone wants to look at another site with information about Sheffield woodlands try the site fuelling a revolution.
  10. Hi, my wife was Micheal's dance partner when in their early teens, but don't know what became of him.
  11. Hi Information, try doing the White Bear Wander, I did type all the route out but it went tits up and i lost it all before posting.
  12. Remember that the lighting in the tunnels is not on 24hrs, it does go off at dusk.
  13. Hi awesomelady, yes I read about Mrs Crookes and will be attending her funeral, as she was like a second mum to me. She was the only person who could get me to go to Owler Lane Infants school so I have been told by my sisters.
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