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  1. I was on the kop. The man u fans were throwing pennies from the back of the kop at the wednesday fans below.Get one of those on the back of your head and you knew about it, or is'nt this classed as trouble?
  2. Yes brilliant bloke.Never did me any wrong. His wife ran the firm while he was away.I used to wash his JAG every Friday.
  3. Yes,I'd forgot about that. I was also there at the time of the television sets saga. He did time for one of them,or maybe both.
  4. I worked with dick (whittington) at RODGERS UPHOLSTERERS, on Mary street, round about 1975. Others that worked there were ray dent,gerry gilmore,john madin,george mitchel,jud betts.
  5. Went there from 63-67.remember Ridgeway throwing the blackboard(whoops can't say that nowadays)greenboard rubber at anyone talking.
  6. Wasn't that Wigfalls or Banners? Across the road there was a shop called William Laws.
  7. I knew a TERENCE CONLEY that was an inspector but I was told that he'd sadly died a few years ago. Can anyone verify this!
  8. Ithink the beer-off was called JOBSONS,MIGHT NOT BE THE RIGHT SPELLING. He used to stand at the back of the counter watching his assistants doing the work.
  9. There was also a fruit and veg shop called Mcsteads.
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