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  1. Hope so........as if its cheap enough would get people in for sure.
  2. http://www.justgiving.com/lillies-wish-to-walk here's the link everybody..........a big thankyou
  3. Mccapacca do you know what you are talking about or know more than the specialist that treat Lillie ? if so then please let us and all the other childrens parents know what you know so we can help them all. please feel free to message me and share what you do know about this operation and how we could get the good old NHS to give it her .
  4. If its the genting club your on about......its a casino
  5. would there be any salons that would be willing to donate a prize for a ladies charity night in aid of Lillies wish ? we would be so gratefull Thanks
  6. Thanks to WADSLEY BRIDGE W.M.C who have kindly offered us there venue free of charge for a charity evening
  7. Thank you to the ANVIL pub FISHING CLUB who have kindly offered to do a sponsered fish for Lillie x
  8. We would like to say a massive thank you to Southey Green Learning Community for a donation of £400 that they raised from their end of year show and various other activities that Lillies Auntie (y6 pupil) arranged.
  9. Thank you to Julie Hillis from MOLLARD HOUSE RIDING CENTRE for donating riding lesson x
  10. Thanks to....... HESTIA resturaunt crookes who have kindly donated a 3 course meal for 2 and also Thanks to BRADFIELD BREWERY who have donated a raffle prize for a charity evening If there is anyone else who could kindly donate it will be much appreciated x
  11. Hi is there any local business out there would be happy to donate prizes or services for a charity auction night in aid of little Lillies wish to walk appeal ? anything would be very much appreciated and we will thank you and your business on the Hallam Fm lillies wish to walk appeal page Thanks pm me if you feel that you could help in any way x
  12. Hi could you all please take time to have a quick look at my link . Lillie is a very special little girl who we are fundraising for and need to get as many people as we can involved , we are asking for either donations or prizes so we could hold a charity auction night in aid of lillie and her wish to walk . If there is any of you out there that feel you are able to help then please feel free to message me for more info , Thanks x http://www.justgiving.com/lillies-wish-to-walk
  13. Gazelles are a great young up and coming band who play post punk genre music... playing at 02 academy this saturday 28th May http://www.myspace.com/gazellesmusicsheffield
  14. GIRAFFE,clear your inbox im trying to send you a pm but its full.........
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