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  1. My Vailant Ecotech is discharging water out of the White plastic pipe that comes from the Right hand side of the boiler, and I need to regularly top it up as well (and also don't have any leaks on the CH). Anyone any ideas? Thsnks
  2. Does anyone have the details of the guy that was on here that specialises in taking cores out of walls? Thanks
  3. me too!!! or at least some form of attraction in the car park...
  4. There is a guy from IS Property that is knocking about thr forums...
  5. Hi, I have a builders 1 Ton bag of earth that I need to get rid of, what's the cheapest way of getting rid? Thanks
  6. Yep, just seen it too, recognise Alms Hill from my old paper round
  7. Does anyone know what all the fire engines, fire cars and police cars are attending to on Ecclesall Road?
  8. Just walked past on the way to work, and the lights have totally gone, and the railings were all bent! Bit difficult to cross the road now!
  9. Does anyone know why the Police are directing people arround Junction Road, just of Hunters Bar rounderbout?
  10. Like Pete said usally you will only find the rental & ratable values of the property on the poticulars. You should also be looking at the terms of the lease to help guide you on costs i.e. wether it is IR, FRI etc.
  11. We charge 12.5% of the monthly rent for our fully managed service or £375 + VAT for our fully managed service. Kind Regards Simon
  12. Just been following a convoy of 9 blacked out Audis ( Q7's & A & S 4's )down Ecclesall Road. Looked very strange, any one any info on who could be inside them? Looked like a scene from Transporter! All had personal plates starting HXI/1 Please keep replys on topic! Thanks
  13. Where is the cheapest place to get BBQ gas from? Thaks SImon
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