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  1. Time for beddy byes isn't it:?:, night night all,
  2. Don't you start, don't be like Patt, I book the weather, don't I:?:
  3. Allus do Patt, I book it, don't I:?:
  4. Same again, eh:?: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Lady T is fine and yes I will, wont I:?:
  6. It is, looking forward to next week, aren't we:?:
  7. Hi Chimay, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, innit:?:
  8. Hi Jane, I'm fine too, aren't I:?:
  9. Tradesmens entrance for you, isn't it:?:
  10. Is it, didn't know that, did I:?:
  11. What's Chimay want with you Patt:?:
  12. Yes Patt, well in Bournemouth, isn't it:?:
  13. Every chance, next meets on Sunday, isn't it:?:
  14. Night Night all, time for bed isn't it:?:
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