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  1. Yes there is the demolition opposite the store at the mcdonalds block all the way around to sunwin house.
  2. Those days are disappearing of the rat infested bedsit, If your going to send you son or daughter from places like china, you only want the best accommodation, some are paying a years rent in advance.
  3. I don't like it anytime, soon be spring, its the winter saying goodbye.
  4. Best way to know what the weather is like, look outside.
  5. I think Sheffielders are romantic in there own way, being part of the ex industry were the air was filled with muck, it wasn't a romantic place, However it is changing, they always seems to be a lot of weddings at the town hall and photos taken at the fountain. Take no notice of steve wright
  6. I hope the days will be warmer, it can get cold up there on the star flyer. Manchester and Edinburgh had it over the festive season, £6.75 for a five minute ride. some good views but freezing so rap up and for those who can overcome the vertigo, Ya gonna luv it.
  7. Perhaps he is still living at home with mum and bought her some flowers.
  8. I hear there is a water leak in the cellar which is why there is water always on the road. Need to fix if amey are stating work soon.
  9. True Sheffielders 1. Speak there minds freely and let folks know what they think. 2. Only give respect for those worthy of respect. 3. Keep a close grip on money fairly well. 4. Hates unemployment if they dont have a chance to work. 5. Gets the job done when they have work. 6. Suspicious of outside strangers. 7. Doesnt mind hills. 8. Likes a good carvery with hendersons relish. 9. Takes pride in there city especially when visiting outside. 10. Want change in there city but only if it makes things better.
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